How to Set Paper Size in WPS Office PC


There are many types of paper sizes. However, some papers are often used by the public for the purposes of physical or digital documents which include A4, A3, HVS (Letter), and B5 paper. Every use of paper sizes will definitely be useful for various digital documents as well such as making reports, forms, statements, and so on.

Making this digital document can also be printed directly from the WPS Office itself, so there is no need to save the digital document file first, then do the printing, as long as there is an internet connection that will be connected via a printer machine that supports wired (LAN) or wireless (Bluetooth) networks. Wi-Fi).

WPS Office, which is one of the office applications that is often used by the public to create documentation, processing numbers, digital presentations that can produce a digital document that can be read or viewed by anyone. WPS Office can be an alternative choice for office applications that have a license fee in choosing free office applications without requiring a subscription, unless you use some of the templates in WPS Office that have to be paid for.

This article provides a tutorial on how to set the paper size in WPS Office. This is done according to your needs in making digital documents that will be printed or not. With this feature, you don’t need to set the paper size custom because there are some clues about the paper size that WPS Office has provided. Sometimes, you have to set a custom paper size like making comics, flash cards, and so on.


1. Activate the WPS Office application on your laptop or PC.

2. Choose to create a new document or an existing document.

3. Click Page Layout.

4. Set the paper size according to your needs, be it the paper format provided in WPS Office or set the size via custom.


So, you can adjust the paper size according to your needs. For example, if you make a scientific paper, you must choose A4 paper size, you make a flash card from WPS Office with a small paper size that can be done custom, and so on.


Actually, the working system of selecting paper sizes for digital documents is almost the same as for office applications in general. You can adjust the paper size according to your needs in making a product or product that can produce digital documents such as ebooks, short stories, novels, scientific papers, and so on. Moreover, the document or digital paper will be printed which must be able to adjust the paper size with the paper setting slot on the printer machine.

You can also set the paper size taken from document files stored in cloud storage (WPS Office Online) or on a smartphone / cellphone that supports remote networks for printing or improving paper or digital documents so that they can be read by the reader of the document properly and optimal.


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