How to Set Line Spacing on WPS Office PC


WPS Office, which is one of the office applications that is often used by the public to create documentation, processing numbers, digital presentations that can produce a digital document that can be read or viewed by anyone. WPS Office can be an alternative choice for Microsoft Office applications in choosing free office applications without requiring a subscription, unless you use some of the templates in WPS Office that have to be paid for.

WPS Office is now available in Indonesian for the system language the application has installed on your PC or laptop. Although, not all services and features in WPS Office use Indonesian. With the Indonesian language, you are expected to be able to use the WPS Office application much more easily.

Moreover, today’s technological developments, people are very “demanded” to learn how to use office applications to support digital correspondence activities, both offline and online, so there is no need to send letters all the way to their destination.

WPS Office has a feature that functions to adjust the spacing between one line and another in related text or objects. There are Single Lines, Double Lines (2 spaced spaces), 1.5 Lines, and can be customized according to needs in adjusting the spacing.

The author provides a tutorial for setting Line Spacing (space spacing) between lines of text or related objects in WPS Office. One of the basic techniques that must be possessed by everyone, especially for academics, researchers, office work that involves documentation. This can be a basic skill for those of you who want to apply for a job in a company or industry.


1. Activate the WPS Office application on your laptop or PC.

2. Choose to create a new document or an existing document.

3. Make a sentence according to your needs to adjust the spacing.

4. Press CTRL + A to block the entire text or press and hold the Mouse to block a portion of the text that will be set by Line Spacing.

5. Click the Line Spacing Icon.

6. Choose the size of the Line Spacing according to your needs.

7. Here are the results.



For those of you who are making theses, theses, dissertations, writing or scientific papers, documentation, electronic books, and other digital writer activities, you can use the free office application, namely WPS Office which supports the Sync feature so you can save document files online. through the cloud storage provided by WPS Office to each registered account.

You can adjust the spacing or line spacing between lines of text or related objects in WPS Office so that you can produce written or digital documents that are neat and good for readers to read.


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