How to Send WhatsApp Chat Bomb Spam on Whatsapp Web

How to Bomb chat WhatsApp Web Chat Bomb Whatsapp on Whatsapp Web – On this occasion we would like to provide a tutorial on how to send chat on WhatsApp via WhatsApp web. Today, we will discuss about the whatsapp message bombing technique. Read more, yes. our article.

Here we will share a friend’s prank technique whose purpose is to spam chat or send historical messages repeatedly to the target or victim and to make that person annoyed with the many notifications that enter their cellphone.

Bombing chat on whatsapp or it can also be interpreted as spam chat on WhatsApp, is often done by someone who wants to prank their own friends, or people can also take revenge on others by using basketball techniques via WhatsApp.

How to Send WA Chat Bombs on Whatsapp Web

In the Google Playstore apps there are several software with various kinds of groups and functions. If you are new to this software, you can just use it to prank your friends, namely by sending chat messages on WhatsApp repeatedly with an unlimited number of times at once. This message is commonly known as a WhatsApp bomb message.

So the working technique of this app will deliver messages many times to a destination number with one setting or settings. And so that you can successfully prank your colleagues by making them feel annoyed, then you really have to do the settings by setting a lot of repeats.

For example 1000 times or how many times it’s up to you who definitely shouldn’t go too far. This whatsapp bomb message is very suitable for use for your colleagues who are having a birthday, for example. Because of course you need a surprise that day. So it’s really fitting when sending a WhatsApp bomb message. Because of course it will feel more interesting, with just one click, happy birthday messages will be sent in large quantities.

And of course if you want to spam, you manually type the desired word like “p” or “ping” repeatedly. But actually this technique is not efficient enough like because spam on WhatsApp can be done automatically. You can spam WhatsApp automatically so you don’t have to bother anymore.

But here we will not use an application because it is very common here we will try another method, namely by sending a WhatsApp chat bomb using the WhatsApp web.

Just one click, messages one by one will be sent to the intended contact according to the number of messages you want without feeling sore thumbs reducing the keyboard.

How to Send WA Chat Bombs on Whatsapp Web

function whatsAppText(message) {

window.InputEvent = window.Event || window.InputEvent;

var event = new InputEvent(‘input’, {bubbles: true});

var textbox = document.getElementsByClassName(‘_2S1VP’)[0];

textbox.textContent = message;




function spam(message, loop) {

var delay = 1000; // 1 second

for (var i = 0; i < loop; i++){



}, delay*i);



5. Click enter

in addition to making jokes, you also have to be responsible for what happens after that if your friends get angry, or get angry and so on. Because we do not participate in the risks that you will face.

The purpose of How to Send WA Chat Bombs on Whatsapp Web is just for learning, prank, fun, and jokes. The point is use this tutorial at your own risk and we are not responsible for anything that happens.


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