How to sell on Shopee for beginners who are selling well

How to sell on shopee for beginners who are selling well – the secret of selling on shopee – Can send 99+ every beautiful date, send overseas, along with hundreds of buyers every month.

Shopee is identical to the orange color and is widely known by the public. One of the most interesting Shopee promotions is to bring in concerts of domestic and foreign singers. The concert was broadcast on national television.

No wonder Indonesians are getting more familiar and happy to shop at this shopee. In fact, many also become Shopee sellers as a side business. By selling on Shopee, you have the opportunity to reach many buyers who are active users on the marketplace platform.

You can also sell at Shopee which is selling well using secret sales tricks on shopee. The following is a guide on how to sell on Shopee that you can use as a reference to run your business.

For those who want to sell or become a seller on Shopee, there are several steps that must be taken.

So here’s the story:

This is my store in 2022, it can be seen from the number of followers.

How to sell on Shopee for beginners who are selling well

Previously, let me introduce myself, my name is Anisa, I am an 8th semester medical student, I started selling three years ago when I was 19 years old. I sell skincare share in jars, bottles, and others.

I’m just here to share tips on how to sell so that I sell myself in orange.

How to sell on Shopee for beginners who are selling well

1. Play Price

Most people are less willing to compete on price. Most tend to want to make a lot of profit by increasing the price as high as possible. In fact, if we position ourselves as buyers, we want to get an affordable price.

2. Psychological Play

Here, I show how to play it by playing feed using a girly purple color.

So if people search in search, if they see a purple background, they will always think “Oh, this must be Anisa’s shop, the feed is purple”

How to sell on Shopee for beginners who are selling well

3. Make your buyers feel special

Greet your buyers in a friendly manner, don’t be ignorant, but be kind even if it’s annoying sometimes, give small/funny gifts that don’t hurt like candy, cute thank you cards, or other things.

Who returns if your buyer comes back to buy from you.

although sometimes buyers get annoyed.

We will face hundreds of people with different characteristics, but with this we will be mentally trained, trained to lower ego, and be more patient.

4. Service number 1, the most important responsibility

Because college is sometimes confusing for time, I like to be careless about sending the wrong item, but I don’t want it to just go away, I always replace the wrong item I send by asking for confirmation.

I prioritize responsibility for any mistakes, so that things like that don’t happen again, actually I often make mistakes but I don’t want to run and choose to take the risk of what I do. It’s okay to replace the goods of an important person, trust.

ask how do you get started?

All of that from a capital of 500 thousand-1 million I came from a piggy bank, I was forced to start selling because I asked my mother for 10 thousand and was scolded because my mother was dizzy with many needs. –

So as a 19 year old kid I felt the need to make my own money.

Finally, I was desperate to open my small business.

Alhamdulillah, age 19 can decorate my room, age 20 buy a macbook, age 21 buy a vehicle,

5. Make sure your shop buyers are serious about selling

The method?

– Your shop must have a buyer

– You must have followers

– Provide real photo

Sometimes when we want to buy, we have to check the store’s profile first so we don’t get fooled, just like the buyer.

How to do it?

The way I used to buy followers was only 250 folls because my business was still small and I thought at that time it was enough to convince people.

I also attach the original photo of my product because there has been no assessment so that potential buyers can see the real thing about my product.

Hey guys who want to buy my shopee followers now selling, so if you want you can dm me. I’ll give you a cheap price!

6. Know Your Target Market

If I rarely promote on whatsapp or on my personal Instagram because I know they are not my target market, they don’t know much about sharing in jar, finally I focus on finding customers on my market place rather than on other platforms.

7. Know the product you are selling

I happen to be a General Medicine student, I like to study skincare and skin. So at the same time I study every skincare that I sell, what products are suitable for my skin, can be used anytime, like that.

So all of you can give advice to buyers.

My advice, you should be able to identify your product, its material, what it looks like, its advantages and disadvantages, because buyers will definitely be happy if you yourself recognize your product and tell it in detail.

8.Product Supply

At first I did not stock from resellers, dropships, I didn’t even understand how to dropship.

Be smart to find your own supplier. For those who ask where I looked, sorry I can’t say.

When the shop is good enough, there will be a lot of big brands that invite you to work with me

Guys, if you want to know my real struggle from 0 :’D

I used to play on IG for a few months, the target market was children in the district, but I’m tired of having to go far away from COD 🙁

I don’t know how to edit in Canva, it’s all just what I can do. But because I don’t give up easily and I’m rather consistent, thank God my small business can run.

Question session:

1. What do you sell at shopee that can compete with big stores but there is still profit, the problem is that the shopee pot is big

Answer: right, sis, I also want to cry at the shopee admin fee, which is very expensive now.

2. Great 2019, the era of advertising bids is still cheap, there are no admin fees, it’s not rich now, don’t worry

answer: Yes, you’re right

3. Sorry if you bought an IG account to sell, is it worth it? Maybe someone has, my personal IG contains mostly real friends and it’s clear they’re not my target market, every time I make a story about selling someone sends me a dm and laughs

Answer: I don’t think it’s worth it, sis, because the previous followers will definitely be unfollowed, how come it becomes an account with different content/purpose, right?

A few ways to sell at Shopee for beginners who are selling well.

If you have any questions, please comment below, thank you.


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