How to See Unseen Qrt / Reply on Twitter

How to See Unseen Qrt / Reply on Twitter – Hello, in this article, we will provide a tutorial for all of you, namely how to see an unseen qrt reply on someone else’s private twitter account.

Twitter is one of the social media that we often use for microblogging. On Twitter, we can distinguish two types of profiles, the first is a public process or an unlocked profile and the second is a locked profile or a private profile.

A public profile is a profile that has no privacy and can be accessed by everyone and can also be viewed without us having to follow it first. This is different from Twitter accounts that are private. We can’t see Twitter accounts that are locked or private because there is a lock logo.

We can’t see the account from all its contents, we can only see it from the profile photo, header and bio. But for the tweet, we can’t see it. Actually, there are many who are looking for a tutorial on how to look at the unseen QRT or the unseen retweet quote from the locked account.

because usually accounts that are private, if they do something, a notification will not appear in our account. So, for example, if there is a private account that likes or retweets our tweets, no notification will appear at all.

Of course, this makes us wonder who is behind this private account. Don’t worry, he’s an admirer of me, we’ll just be afraid.

So, to see the magical reply from a private Twitter account, we don’t need an application or anything else, we only use the features on Twitter directly, namely by using the search or search feature, here’s the tutorial

How to See Unseen Qrt / Reply on Twitter

how to see magical replies

1. Please open Twitter first and make sure that you already have an account so you can access the features

2. please type

“to:@username” in the search field


3. Then the results will automatically come out all

How to See Unseen Qrt / Reply on Twitter

We can only see the response of people who reply to private accounts.


If a private account replies to a public account, will the public account know or not? or will you get a notification or not?

The answer:

No, public accounts won’t get reply/rt/like notifications from private accounts, unless they follow each other.

I haven’t gotten the qrt yet, just replied

it will be updated later, just join the group ok

so many tutorials on how to see care Tigai Bkt twitter, hopefully with this trip it can be useful for all of you and thank you


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