How to See Spotify’s Top Genres

How to See Our Top Spotify Top Genres – Did you know that the music streaming service Spotify has more than 2,000 genres of music?

Glenn McDonald of Spotify categorizes these types using a complex system that we can’t even understand.

As Spotify uses the system to create charts and even create new genres, users are starting to have features like associated artists and daily mixed playlists.

As of June 2018, Spotify has 1,742 genres, then on December 10 Spotify has 2,424 genres. Among the many genres, there are some unique ones that you may have just heard of.

This genre is filled with pop punk and familiar music. The music is bright, pop and upbeat. pixie genre is similar to pop

I don’t know where this genre got its name. The heavy music is combined with harmonious vocals. Instrumental and vocals combine to provide a solid foundation for heavier music.

Music from this indie pop subgenre tends to make people feel happy, cheerful and optimistic. Maybe because of the upbeat rhythm or lyrics. After all, it was a sense of optimism.

But how to know or How to See our Top Spotify Top Genres?

How to See Spotify’s Top Genres

1. First, please open the web first here

2. Continue to click log in with spotify

3. Login to your spotify, scroll down to make agree

4. So if you’ve already scrolled down

5. The result will appear what song do you often listen to?

6. Done

Wave music was very popular in the 80s and contributed to the formation of punk music as we know it today. Permawave is a genre unto itself, and various artists have embraced the music and seem to be doing it forever.

Escape room is a genre that’s hard to explain. This genre is like combining indie music with trance with fun lyrics.

Maybe you’ve heard of some secret musicians. The emo anthem genre with live music and rough vocals is one of the coolest emo sub-genres.

This genre of music seems to be categorized according to the fact that most pop rock listeners on average are post-teens. Genre-aware hip-hop is a music genre that includes information in songs.

Here’s How To See Spotify’s Top Genres


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