How to see saved wifi passwords in Windows 11

Welcome to IT People Blog. I often see video tutorials that are shared via youtube and tiktod channels, a tutorial on how to find out a neighbor’s wifi password or how to break into a stingy neighbor’s wifi password, even though if you look deeper, it turns out to be a tutorial for displaying wifi network passwords stored in the Windows Operating System on a computer. /your own laptop.

It’s only natural, we live in a country where the majority of people love to viral hoax things in order to get interaction from the audience, they take various efforts to go viral, one of which is making a video with the title click bait. Video tutorial to see a list of saved wifi passwords in Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11 changed the title to a trick to break into neighbor’s wifi passwords so that it provokes people to watch the video

But don’t worry, Helmykediri’s blog is not a hoax blog that is crazy about popularity and has to post clickbait titles like most people out there. For those of you who are curious and want to know the wifi password stored on your computer/laptop, please follow the tutorial below;

1. Through the settings menu

To enter the settings page, it’s quite easy, click the icon start and enter the menu settings

see wifi password

Then on the menu on the left select Network and Internet > on the right screen scroll to the bottom then enter the menu Advanced Network Settings

view wifi password2

After opening the page Advanced network settings > scroll down the box section related settings you choose More network adapter options

view wifi password3

Right-click on the Wi-Fi connected to your laptop/computer then select status > continue click button Wireless Properties

view wifi password4

When a new popup appears Wireless Network Properties swipe to tab security and tick Show character then automatically the password on the connected wifi network with the name SSID at home Mblo will appear in the field Network Security Key

view wifi password6

2. Display all saved wifi network passwords via CMD

For this second method, we can see the passwords of all SSID network names that have been connected to our computer or laptop, the method is more practical and without requiring access as an administrator.

Please open a command prompt window or CMD .. type the command below to display a list of networks according to the SSID name that has been stored on our device

netsh wlan show profile

know wifi password

Now we type the command to display the saved wifi password based on the SSID network name

netsh wlan show profile name=”Wi-Fi name” key=clear

In this example I want to know the password of the SSID Link_N355 network, that is the name of my home wifi network (I’m too lazy to use a cool name) leave it the default

If you are observant, in the Security Settings there will be key content which displays the saved network password i.e. rara1517

know wifi password2

The password you have successfully displayed can be shared with other people who also want to connect to the same network, or can be saved to notepad as a private note. You need to remember! this is not a method to hack a neighbor’s wifi like what most crazy content creators echo their chronology just for the sake of going viral, hopefully it’s useful


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