How to see other people’s stories that have been deleted or lost

How to see other people’s stories that have been deleted or lost – Hello friends, in this article we want to give you all a tutorial, namely how to view other people’s stories that have been lost or have been deleted. Instastory is one of the features on Instagram that is most widely used by people to post a moment or video in their Instagram account. Instastory is one of the tools that people use to communicate via video which will disappear within 24 hours.

If the video on Instagram Story has reached 24 hours, the Instagram Story video will automatically be deleted by itself. there is no system that can block How a video on Instagram Story can be deleted.

One of the weaknesses of the Instagram Story video is that it only lasts for 24 hours even though there are some moments that we can capture and make as a document. After that, there is a feature provided by Istagram, namely highlights that can be able to hold your Instagram Story so that 24 hours or more will be forever.

Some stories that are not saved to highlights will still be deleted. This has become some of the curiosity of someone How to see Instagram Stories that have been deleted or have passed.

Some of the ways that people who are mostly at Google do it are the wrong way. Some of the tutorials on Google even provide several ways to restore Instagram Stories themselves via archives when they are not.

Actually, one of the things you can do is to access a website that stores several bases from automatically saved stories.

To use this website you are free of charge at all, but you can use it for free.

Some of the stories on Instagram that may be important for certain people or people because it is a moment that that person might love or like.

How to see other people's stories who have disappeared

Many people predict that this Instagram Story will become one of the most booming features for people because this Instagram Story is a series of lives of people today who are always uploaded to Instagram Stories.

This Instagram Story has several possibilities that you can get, namely there are some Instagram Stories that can be viewed again and there are also some suggestions of someone who can’t be seen again. Some Instagram Stories that you can revisit later you can do or access with the tutorial below later.
And there are also some stories that cannot be returned, yes, they are usually accounts that are not well known.

Because this is one of the Instagram Story archiving websites of famous people, here’s how

How to see other people’s stories that have been deleted or lost

1. Please visit the web here
2. Then please type the name of your username who wants to see the instastory that has been deleted or lost. for example here we use Anya Geraldine

3. After clicking start, the profile will appear and click that profile

4. There you will get some Instagram Stories from the user you want first.

The Instagram Stories on this website are Instagram Stories that are taken directly from the Instagram server, so some Instagram Stories stored on this website are videos that have high definition or HD so that if you download, the images will not be blurry.

By using this website you can also view past or deleted Instagram Stories without using the application at all. because this is directly online from the Instagram server which is saved to a website.

some of the articles on Google that do use an Android application even though it doesn’t help at all.

it can only be done when the Story is still there then we download it. even though the method is not like that. This is the most powerful way for you to do it. If you have any questions, please comment in the comments column below. That is all and thank you


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