How to Screen Stocks for Swing Trading Beginners

How to Screen Stocks for Swing Trading Beginners and a simple way to screen stocks that are suitable for swings for beginner traders by using the features on Stockbit – Trading is a short-term buying and selling activity. There are different types of trading strategies, categorized by time frame, such as the 6-12 month medium-term super trade that takes advantage of an uptrend in price, the short-term swing trade of less than a month, and the very short-term scalping trade. It may only take a month or a few minutes.

The choice of strategy depends on the risk profile and goals of each trader. If you have the patience to endure in the medium term, then you can use a super trading strategy, and if you are prepared to risk high volatility, you can use a scalping strategy which should be monitored at all times. However, if you don’t want to monitor prices every minute and can’t wait too long, a swing trading strategy is the way to go.

On a time period basis, stock swing trading is an activity where stocks are bought and sold in less than a month. And by far the most legit menu for Swing is $CSRA and $ESSA for me personally. Low risk. Don’t monitor the market during trading hours, don’t worry about being slammed by the Market Maker / Bandar who plays a little rough

$ANTM looks cheap, but actually those who take it in the morning get an average of over 2560, so it’s still a loss, it’s really hard to get this item in the morning, no problem going down, keep focusing on the trading plan, the 25% entry strategy was correct, this time scalper wins, swing trader is weak, hehe

Swing traders in FCPO spreads only need to hold for 5 days to get a decent ‘salary’. And in a month there are only 1-2 trends. The other sideway

How to Screen Stocks for Swing Trading Beginners

*Note: This uses an application stockbit yes friends

Can be downloaded according to device: Android, Apple, PC (download it yourself)

1. Open OLT you, look for the menu FOREIGN TRANSACTIONselect market REGULARand NET VALUE BUY

2. Record the first 20 stocks that appear

(The picture below is a foreign transaction on May 20, 2022)

3. Open the Chart menu in stockbit and use indicator help: Foreign Flow Underlay & Net Foreign Buy/Sell

Next I’ll be short with FFU and NFB/S

4. Check one by one the 20 stocks listed in point 2.

What is being checked? Next

5. Stocks that I find interesting for WELCOME TO WL is a stock that foreign flow increase MINIMUM in one week (shown by increasing foreign flow underlay)

6. And also stocks that are accumulated by large foreign (indicated by high bar)


the foreign flow underlay indicator is marked with a purple line above the chart (it looks like a moving average)

the net foreign buy/sell indicator is marked with a BAR “which is at the bottom”


Of the four stocks above, which one is interesting to be WL?

Let’s see the following explanation


– in my opinion, GGRM is currently not attractive to be WL, because in the last WEEK foreign has not seriously accumulated (shown by only 1 green bar in NFB/S)

– not yet interesting because it’s still sideways


– I don’t think it’s interesting to be a WL because FFU hasn’t increased sharply and the price is still sideways

– NFB/S also has not shown serious accumulation (green bar is not high yet)


– very interesting to be used as WL next week because it has seen serious accumulation by foreign indicated by a high green bar on NFB/S last week

– FFU also increased sharply

– the price last week started to increase



– Interesting to be used as WL because there seems to be a serious accumulation by foreigners in a week indicated by the green bar on NFB/S, although FFU has not seen a sharp increase

– before the stock index drops, Foreign also buys massively (green bar NFB/S)

– the price is starting to go up

How? how easy is it to make a WL swing?

You can also use FOREIGN BUY – NET VOL, and write down the first 20 stocks that appear, if you haven’t found any interesting stocks from point 1# above.

Important to know:

1. There are several other, more complicated ways to screen swing stocks that I do, so this method is not the only one

2. I use this method every day ONLY to make WL swing stocks without any hassle

3. This method ONLY follows simple foreign flow

4. I did NOT enter all the stocks that were screened, I only entered a few stocks which were OK for me

5. Other considerations before entry are: chart, trend, volume, broker summary, and some other indicators that I use

6. Not for experts!

7. The decision to buy & sell is entirely in your hands!!!

Once again, I remind you, this is just a simple method, NOT an expert method.

You can add other considerations such as: bandarmology, price action, volume, moving average, trend, corporate action, etc.

Hopefully this simple explanation can be useful for those of you who are confused about stock screening for the watchlist (especially swing).

Feel free to ask and discuss


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