How to save money at home fast

IT People Blog – In the previous discussion, you have learned a lot how to build the right saving mindset in order to get a solution for how to save quickly. This time the author will share with readers to learn step-by-step how to properly save at home to achieve financial freedom.

How to save money at home fast

Here are the steps for saving money at home quickly:

Increase earnings

The first step you should think about is how to increase your income. Of course you need to measure your current income and how much income you want to earn in the next month or 1 year in the future. Don’t compare your income with other people’s earnings. Of course this is not correct.

The bigger your earning potential, the better chance you have to save more. Without a significant increase in income, saving more and more is nonsense.

Minimize expenses

Minimizing spending is our effort to reduce spending. We need to think hard and make rules on how the money that has gone into our pockets does not come out easily. The greater your ability to hold money out, the greater the potential savings you have.

The principle of reducing spending doesn’t mean you don’t spend at all, no! But how do you keep yourself from spending money except for the most important and pre-planned.

Set priorities

In financial management, determining the priority scale is very important for you. Why? Because human nature is like shopping. When there is no money, it is as if we have no needs except for basic needs.

But when money overflows, suddenly a lot of money. Then there is a lot of desire to buy something that was never thought to buy before.

So before this happens, you need to make a priority scale.

What are your basic needs that must be met regardless of the circumstances.

Determine what secondary needs can be met only when there is excess money.

What are your long term goals?

The most important factor in financial management is setting a goal. Not just any goal but a goal to achieve prosperity with your family’s finances.

Finding and setting your financial goals is very important.

Why? Because financial management without clear and measurable goals is like walking without a definite direction.

So as early as possible you need to think about what your goals and objectives are in managing finances. With a good and right goal guide, then you are already half way to financial success.

The rest is proportional to how capable you are of implementing the financial planning that you have previously made.

So that you can achieve your dream of becoming a rich person, then you need to think hard and smart about how to save money to get rich quick. Here are simple tips for you to be successful and rich:

Make a family financial plan

The saying goes “Plan your life and carry out your plans”. Making family financial planning is important. Why? So that all our family’s financial activities remain under control and according to plan.

Without careful planning, whatever your income will run out without remaining. why so? Because humans have wants and needs. In family financial planning, planning includes making priorities which are needs and which are desires.

So that our families know which needs must be met immediately and which desires can still be postponed.

So, what is the difference between a want and a need?

A wish is anything that you or your family want. Not all desires must be fulfilled, let alone to spend a month’s salary.

Necessities are everything that you and your family need. Needs are basic and urgent. So it should be a priority.

Kinds of needs:

Short term needs

Namely family needs that need to be met immediately. For example, daily staple food, electricity costs, children’s education, transportation, children’s pocket money, etc.

Medium term needs

Medium-term needs are your family’s needs that are not urgent and do not have to be met immediately. But this need needs to be considered in the long term. For example:

Car needs for gathering with parents, relatives and attending recitations

Long term need

That is a long-term need. This long term need is not much but the value can be enormous. For example:

The need to have a house because you don’t have a house. Can build or buy a house that is ready to use.

The need to renovate the house because the house you live in is too old and old.


One strategy on how to save quickly is to make a family financial plan. Careful financial planning will make it easier for you to carry out good and correct family financial management.

In financial planning, you have classified your needs into 3; short, medium and long term needs.

This time you will learn how to prioritize short-term planning. Planning (planning) short term you should make it monthly. So that it will be easy for you to determine budget items according to the plans you made earlier.

Short term planning:

Alms 10%

Alms should take precedence over other needs. Why do you need to give charity up to 10% of your income? Because charity is your real treasure. What you eat, will run out and come out as dirt. What you wear will wear out and break. What you buy will be destroyed too but what you donate will be eternal and eternal with God.

Not only that, alms is an insurance that God gives us. The more alms, the more potential protection God gives us. So when you give charity, instantly Allah accepts it. The wealth you donate will be multiplied in value. So basically charity will not make you poor.

But otherwise, alms will make you rich and prosperous. Alms is a form of your gratitude to God who has bestowed many blessings without limits.

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Save 20%

Saving is a rich character. It’s not a matter of much or little but how capable you are of committing to the future. When you save, it means that you are preparing yourself for a better future. On the other hand, when you never save and always spend your hard-earned money, it means you don’t care about the future.

Saving is part of planning for a better future. Successful people always plan for their future. Without planning, the future will only be a mirage and wishful thinking.

Doesn’t everyone want to:

1. Rich

2. have abundant wealth

3. Have a luxury car

4. Want to have a luxury house

5. Want to have savings, deposit accounts, mutual funds

But don’t start planning from now on. Then what you are planning is nonsense. Your plan is just nonsense and will never be realized in the real world. Really, you’re fantasizing at a high level.

10% emergency fund

Establishing an emergency fund for a family is very important. Why is an emergency fund important? Emergency funds are funds that will only be used for emergency purposes. For example:

There is a sick family member

Need funds for treatment to the hospital

•Financing to the clinic

In short, you really need an emergency fund when a family member is sick but:

you have no money

Requires a large amount of funds

You as the head of the household can’t work because there is something you don’t want

Daily necessities 60%

Every family wants to live a successful and happy life. The fulfillment of family needs is one of the keys to happiness and peace of a family.

The allocation for nominal family needs is the largest. The 60% range for those of you who have an income under 5 million. If your income is more than 5 million, you can make even more careful planning. For example, adding insurance for children’s education and so on.

Execute your plan

Good planning without good execution will only be in vain. Your execution of the plans you have made is far more important than the planning itself. Do not let you make a perfect plan (perfect) but you are weak in execution.

Then your sincerity is judged by how well you are able to carry out the plans you have made.


Saving needs to be accustomed from an early age. The habit of saving will give birth to family habits to live like rich people. You collect this savings for a long time so the amount is quite large and massive. Then you use this savings for something productive. Starting from investing:

1.Buy gold bullion

2.Open a time deposit

3. Buying money market mutual funds

Do not let the money you collect in the form of savings then you use it for something consumptive. For example, buying a refrigerator, buying a motorbike, buying new clothes, traveling to the top and so on.

Using the money you save for this activity is a wrong saving mindset. Then the savings that you have accumulated must be invested in order to be productive. Finally, you have succeeded in implementing the strategy of how to save quickly. So the money you save will work for you and make you richer, richer and more prosperous.



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