How to report a case of online fraud in just 5 minutes

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Unfortunately, the ease of transactions is currently being used by a number of people to commit fraud. Actually you can report it to the police but if the loss is small below 1 million usually there is no response, while if the loss is below 5 million you are usually told to find another victim for further processing, or maybe you have to wait for it to go viral and then the fraud case is investigated thoroughly.

report fraud cases online

We don’t want to fall victim to more scams, reporting to the police is just one of the options I offer even though the effect is not that great. Asking for account blocking on the fraudster’s account number is also not that easy because there must be a history of incoming reports from other victims. Another way we can enter the fraudulent account number into the criminal account list

Here’s how;

1. Check and register into

At you can check fraudulent account numbers, report fraud account numbers so you don’t fall victim to more

This site contains a collection of databases of information from the public regarding account numbers that are indicated to have been reported for fraud.

Before transferring funds through a bank account or e-wallet, you should check the recipient’s number at, if you are deceived, please register the fraudulent account number to accompanied by chronology and clear screenshot evidence

2. Report to

Actually the site is managed by the Presidential Staff Office which is used to accommodate all public complaints about services to public aspirations.

You can report any unpleasant incident, including when an administrative fee is charged when making a new KK at the Dispendukcapil even though the rules are clearly free except for fines for being late for breaking the KK after marriage, to the online fraudulent transactions that you experience.

3. Report to

From the subdomain it is clear that this site is officially managed by kominfo. Just like checking accounts, the difference is that receives fraud reporting complaints from SMS, spam and telephone calls

For example, when you are sleeping, you suddenly get a call from an unknown number claiming to be a policeman, telling you that a family member has been caught in a drug raid or in an accident that requires an immediate money transfer.

If you are a victim of this type of fraud, record the conversation and make a report via

Wait a few moments until your cellphone number is called by the officer, don’t be afraid, just tell me the chronology of the incident so that your report is processed further, the progress of the report can later be monitored via email notification

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4. Report to

The site also contains a fraud report database, you can check the fraudulent account number and add a fraud report

In total there are 180 thousand public reports with losses reaching 279 billion waowww

Well, by leaving a trace of the fraudulent account number, you have saved many people from the crime of fraud that is currently on the rise. The point is, before making a report, prepare supporting evidence in the form of phone recordings, screen shots, or video recordings

Always use e-commerce as a medium for online transactions, the most stuck using trusted joint account services, avoid transactions with the direct system by paying directly to the seller because it is very vulnerable to fraud. Hopefully helpful, and thank you

Unfortunately the account number that you report online will not be blocked by the bank, this only adds the account number to the online/blacklist fraud list.



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