How to Register for a Smart Indonesia Card for College Online for High School Vocational High Schools

How to Register for a Smart Indonesia Card for College Online for High School Vocational High Schools – Independent Lecture KIP 2022 Come on, prepare yourself for Registration for KIP Independent Lecture 2022! The government through the Puslapdik of the Ministry of Education and Culture remains committed to providing the widest possible opportunities for higher education for all students in Indonesia.

Registration for the Independent Tuition KIP requires data on the National Student Registration Number (NISN), National School Registration Number (NPSN) and Population Identification Number (NIK). Ensure that the NISN, NPSN, and NIK of prospective KIP Class 2022 participants are valid based on the data recorded in the Basic Education Data (Dapodik), Kemendikbud, Research and Technology.

KIP-Kuliah participants who register for the SBMPN selection must immediately complete the documentation and select the SBMPN selection on the selection menu of the KIP-Kuliah registration system. Save the KAP and PIN obtained for later entry into the SBMPTN registration system.

UTBK-SBMPTN Preferred Path

The UTBK-SBMPTN selection on the KIP-Kuliah SIM is opened this year. UTBK-SBMPTN registrants must complete documentation and select the UTBK-SBMPTN option in the KIP-University SIM selection menu.

For the convenience of KIP-Kuliah participants who choose UTBK-SBMPTN, students are not required to enter their KIP-Kuliah number on the UTBK-SBMPTN LTMPT registration page. Registration for the UTBK-SBMPTN LTMPT will occur automatically and through a system mechanism.

For students who will continue their studies in higher education Religion Country

as: UIN/IAIN/STAIN, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Catholic and Confucian) or private religious colleges, please register for lectures KIP at the Ministry of Religion (Kemenag) RI. or you can click here

If you register for KIP-K Kemdikbud and choose UTBK-SBMPTN, there is no UIN selection in LTMPT. For students who still want to choose UIN at LTMPT, there is a menu to cancel the KIP Lecture participation in the selection menu, yes.

How to Register for a Smart Indonesia Card for College Online for High School Vocational High Schools

based on my story as a KIPK registrant last year, and hopefully this year’s registration will not be much different, I just want to provide information about the scholarship

Because the KIPK college scholarship is very helpful for high school / vocational / equivalent students who want to enter college but are constrained by financing problems.

How to Register for a Smart Indonesia Card for College Online for High School Vocational High Schools

Bismillahir rahmanir Rahim..

What is a college KIPK scholarship?

KIP Tuition is a form of government education program, KIP College includes exemption from selection registration fees, tuition fees + living support costs.

For the cost of living, the amount of the fee depends on where the university is located, so it’s not the same between university 1 and the others.

How many year graduates can register?

For graduates who can register are high school / vocational / equivalent students who have passed 2 years

Previously and already graduated this year,

Example: which means graduates in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

So at least 2 years ago

*but please register the correct one” there is an economic problem don’t let people on the list of people who really need it.

Documents to be Prepared

– Documents supporting the economy (kip, sktm, pkh)

– Certificate of graduation from the principal (diploma is also allowed)

– parent’s payslip

– KK photo

– last electricity bill photo

– family photo

– front view of the house

– family room photo

– photo of achievement certificate (if any)

The doc above is when you register via the website on the page

How to Register for Indonesia Smart College Card Online

*Special for new account creation

Creating a new account is a stage for the Class of 2022 or alumni who have never created a KIP Lecture account in the previous year. Only eligible students can create a KIP College account.

1. First, visit the address

2. Click Register / Sign up

3. Enter valid NIK, NISN and NPSN data and click Next Process

4. Enter your email to proceed to the next process. Remember, E-mail typing is important, don’t get it wrong even if it’s only one character.

*Check your inbox or spam

5. Open the received email as shown in the image above. and log back in with your KIP College account information. Then, complete the data on the Biodata Dashboard until it is selected.

To keep your account safe, follow these tips:

1. Write down your email address and email password and keep it in a safe place so you don’t lose it.

2. The same applies to registration of record numbers and access codes.

Both of these data are very important to you before you are accepted through KIPK.


After creating a KIP Lecture account, you need to log in again to fill in the registration information. Fill in the data truthfully and correctly. Because it affects the final selection of KIP Lectures.

1. Login Visit website

2. Enter the registration access code and the college KIP that you received via your respective email.

Ignore DTKS status. Even if you are not registered with DTKS, you can still continue to register.

Your focus now is to immediately complete the KIP Lecture data.

* NOTE: For those who have registered with DTKS, the data column is less and the Economy, House and Asset column is not available.

2. Fill in the data

Click Update Data to start filling in your Data

3. Just fill in all data on Family Achievement Data, Plans, etc

4. If you feel you have filled everything in and it is complete, just wait for the next information


If you have to print out the participant card

But for this year’s KIPKuliah, there is no further information on the opening date, but God willing, there will be.

Some of the recommendations from yt that explain from the beginning of the KIPK registration tutorial to closing.

If the NIK, NISN, and NPSN have problems with the illegible KIP-Kuliah system, please coordinate with the DAPODIK/EMIS operator of their respective schools, who will independently correct the data source at the school.

The Government of Indonesia remains committed to enhancing human resource development through various prudent efforts. The Smart Indonesia College Card (KIP-Kuliah) is one of the efforts to help outstanding students who are financially constrained in the hope of continuing their education to a higher level.

Thank you for taking the time to read this thread sorry if the information is lacking, if you have any questions you can ask via dm, or just reply

if there is an error I apologize because this is only in accordance with my practice, thank you so much…

A few ways to register a smart Indonesia card online for high school and vocational high school


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