How to Register and Extend Spotify Student for Years

How to Register and Extend Spotify Student for Years – My friends used to complain that Spotify was expensive without knowing there was a Spotify student. I told you to register for spotify student, it sucks. It’s definitely cheaper though.

I swear if you use earphones, it makes a big difference when you listen to it on yt music and spotify… the audio is on yt music >>>>> spotify but I still use spotify because it’s fomo

Thinking about the benefits of going to college, besides increasing knowledge, you can apply for Spotify for students with Canva Pro, wow

Do you want to study again if you remember the price of Spotify Premium Student, right?

Many also ask, they say, I have to use campus wifi, I’ve been using Spotify for students for 3 years, but I can’t use campus wifi, the important thing is that the campus just registers. It doesn’t have to be KRS anyway, we can also capture our campus web account that says ‘active student’ too.

Imagine going to Bojongsoang just riding wifi to register for Spotify Prem Student

I use spotify for students, because it’s complicated to use paypal, do I use the one that uses funds/gopay? N just add 3k

I signed up for premium for student from the beginning of last month and got acc, and for spotify I changed my atm card to visa so I can use it

it should be called spotify premium for college students because it can only be used for college students

How to Register for Spotify Premium Student

Material :

-Spotify account (I use a personal email that has never been premium Samsek)

– Campus wifi (if you don’t connect to campus wifi, it won’t get acc)

– Latest Krs/ktm in pdf format

*Note: when you register for a spotify student, you don’t have to use the campus wifi, because I’ve been on the Spotify student plan for three years, every update always uses data/home wifi/boarding wifi. The important thing is that there is evidence that you’re still a student, like the latest krs/ktm photo


1. You open spotify and then click the lower right corner, namely the spotify premium column, scroll down and find “premium student” like the one in the picture

2. Click get premiumthen follow the next step, later you will be asked for data (name, university name, continue to submit ktm/krs in pdf form) just follow it until it’s finished

3. Wait until you get your verification email on the acc or not, if there is an email on the acc, like the example in the 1st pict. If it fails, there is an example of an email in the 2nd pic

4. If you get the verification email, open the Spotify app again and open the premium column again, scroll down to the “premium for student” one

How to Extend Spotify Premium Student

1. Go to settings and click Account spotify on laptop/pc

2. You will be directed to the spotify account website
3. Select Change package / available packagesThen there, look for the student discount extension.

4. Continue later upload proof of payment/ khs/krs/report card value like the start of the list.
* It doesn’t have to be krs anyway, we can also capture our campus web account that says ‘active student’

5. Or you can search in the email notification of the renewal

There are several options for spotify student prices, namely:

– 1 month free trial, the next month pay at a price of 24,999

– 2 months only 27,500, but for the next month when it’s finished it will be 27,500/1 month

(In my account, I don’t know if it will be the same or not)

I chose the free trial, it could be 0 rupiah, but I had to pay first using paypal without reducing the balance, because I don’t have paypal so I looked for payment services via paypal and finally found it so I can claim the free trial spotify student. And finally you can get Spotify premium

For the next month, you can pay 24,999/1 month but you don’t have to pay via PayPal, you can also, there are several payment options: funds, gopay, credit, etc. I forgot sorry

If the 24,990 can only be done via a debit/credit card, now for the option other than a debit/credit card, the price is 27,500, this is not the same as the tax for Spotify premium students.

*Notes: spotify for students is valid for 4 years, if you want more, verify student per 1 year

Oh, yeah guys, I’m just telling you how to make spotify premium students so it’s not too expensive “premium in a halal way”. Whether you say “mending apmus, better fampland, better balallaal” it’s up to you, I’m just telling you specifically for those who asked for a tutor yesterday

*Bonus: Cheapest Spotify:
There is the easiest and cheaper way… register for spotify family with your close friends who use spotify 79k/month for 6 accounts if calculated per account it’s only 13500/month cheaper than student but someone has to bail it out first for the same address


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