How To Quickly Bypass Automatic Ads Bypass Shortlinks

Quick Ways to Skip Shortlinks via Automatic Bypass and How to Bypass Automatic Shortlink Ads of All Types – If you like to download movies, games or applications on the re-uploaded web such as ba*as31 kuy*aa, , giga*urbalingga, etc., then you are no stranger to short links. Yes, short link. Shortlink is a service used by bloggers to shorten URLs, making it easier for people to remember long URLs or links to related blogs.

On the other hand, these bloggers also benefit every time people visit the short link because the short link contains advertisements or advertisements from short link providers. Examples of short links that we usually find are,,. How to bypass Shortlinks is actually very simple, but not all shortlinks are easy to bypass, let alone easy to bypass automatically.

Generally, short links are useful for bloggers. But on the other hand, we as the access party are disturbed by the short link.

As someone who often downloads things from the web, you must be familiar with using shorteners and installing download links that display spam ads, such as adfly, etc. Even when reaching the actual download link, we were still stuck with some pop-up ads. This is annoying. For that, in this article the author will explain how to bypass download links that are installed with spam emails. If installed, it will be visible in the extensions menu in the top right corner of Chrome.

How to Bypass Automatic Shortlink Ads of All Types

Function :
Make direct various ads when you want to download
Suitable for download links with lots of ads

1. First install the Tampermonkey extension via Google Chrome: Click here
2. Click add to chrome

3. Click Add Extension > Wait for it to install itself

How To Quickly Bypass Automatic Ads Bypass Shortlinks

4. Keep clicking bypass tool here

5. Click ijo ijo button install this script

6. Then direct to Tampermonkey directly click install just

*Note: If you click on tempermonkey it doesn’t work / doesn’t exit, click on the words “i already installed it”

*Bonus: Use other tools just choose to use google chrome / mozilla / others

As for Edge and Mozilla, this can be done automatically through the extension options provided.

Alternatively, you can choose another extension, such as Auto Link Bypasser, as an alternative.

Unfortunately, Universal Bypass and Auto Link Bypasser can only be used for 1 link layer. If the available link is a combination of several link shorteners, only the extension is invalid. Also, some link shorteners still haven’t made it to their database

That’s a quick way to bypass Automatic Ads Bypass Shortlinks


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