How to Protect Documents in WPS Office PC

This article discusses tutorials for creating or providing protection for document files that are confidential and private or of particular interest so that they cannot be read and even edited by everyone. For example, financial report documents, meeting results, statement letters, e-billing bills for credit card users, and other privacy reports or documents.

Provision of document file protection is usually a document that is confidential and can be accessed or opened by only a few special people, such as making an e-billing billing report for using credit card limits, which will be given a password to customers who are registered as Bank A credit card holders. results of meetings, budgets, finances, and other matters related to office, company, or industrial affairs.

You can also protect your school or college assignments that have been done in the form of electronic documents with WPS Office Desktop so that your friends can’t open the file to view the contents of your assignments or answers on the document page.

The author provides a tutorial for making document file protection in WPS Office Desktop on your computer or laptop so that the document file cannot be opened arbitrarily by people or groups who are not interested or give access. With the protection feature, your document files are protected from people who want to see the contents of your document pages.


1. Activate the WPS Office application on your laptop or PC.

2. Choose to create a new document or an existing document.

3. Click the Review menu.

4. Click Restrict Editing.

5. Check Set protection methods in documents and select features and access that will be restricted to all people or specific interests (special teams).

6. Click Start Protection.

7. Enter the new password along with the password to confirm it, click OK.

8. Here are the results.


So, the document file that you have created has been protected by using a password so that no one who is not responsible or authorized to open your private and important document file carelessly. For giving the password, long characters are sought and difficult for other people to crack on a whim.


You can provide protection for document files or reports that you create using WPS Office Desktop so that they cannot be opened by others carelessly so that your document files remain safe even though your document files are stolen by others. If someone else gets your locked document file, then he/she must ask to unlock it through you by providing a password that has been protected so that he/she can see the contents of the document page.


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