How to Promote Affiliate Links Without Creating Content

How to Promote Affiliate Links Without Creating Content – An important part of the business world is marketing (promotion). Especially in the world of online business, online promotion is a priority. In the network marketing business there is such a thing as affiliate marketing, that is, people who promote products through affiliate links get a commission for every sale that occurs, and their job is to find buyers. Therefore, if the promotion is not optimal, they will not be able to get a commission based on their goals. .

Here, we are more focused on affiliate shopee, okay?

Basically, being an affiliate marketer is an easy job. Sometimes there are mediocre products, but the marketing is solid, so they can be sold.

However, sometimes there are products that are great, but are simply promoted in the wrong way. As a result, the product sells poorly and ultimately fails to become an affiliate.

In fact, there are many reasons why affiliate marketers can fail.

To be honest, I was too lazy to promote this product at first, but after I got the first commission, I was really excited. Of course, by making content, there will be more money, but because I’m lazy so I only promote it on the base tweet

How to Promote Affiliate Links Without Creating Content

1. Take advantage of Twitter Base

I take advantage of the various bases in the tweet. Suppose base @.ootdfess Like this, someone asks for recommendations, now I’ll give a review of the product along with the link to buy it on syopi

Remember, give recommendations for products that you think are really good and if you can, have you used them before because it will greatly affect the interest of other people to click on your link!

There are so many bases that you can take advantage of womanfeeds, skincarefess, etc., basically certain bases that match your interests. But remember, read the rules first! Really understand, there are some bases that are really strict and you can’t just provide product links

2. Create a Thread

The second way is to make a thread for recommendations for rich items below. You can also share this thread to several bases that allow sharing threads, remember not to break the rules!

How to Promote Affiliate Links Without Creating Content

I’ve been earning money for the past month using only those 2 methods and I’ve already gotten a commission of 2 million. Imagine if you guys even made content like product reviews, shopee haul, etc. Surely the commission will also be bigger

Sharing an affiliate link like this is actually really good, because you don’t need to spend capital to promote it. I’ve also been promoting my wishlist and items that I’ve used before.

To make things easier, you can also create a catalog of items you’ve used

In addition to insufficient sales, target market factors and copywriting can also be the cause. Affiliate links are usually very long characters, with random combinations of numbers and letters.

Therefore, sharing via social media can be difficult or unpleasant. You can use free or paid promotional media, one of which is by using advertisements. There are several sites that offer free and paid advertising, for example you can find sites that provide free classified ads on Google. Paid advertising provider websites can also be found on Google. You can also use FB ads and AdWords ads for paid promotions. If you have your own blog, you can promote affiliate links to programs or products that you have on that blog. If you don’t know, you can copy and paste the text in the reference blog and insert the banner.

A few ways to promote affiliate links without creating content


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