How to Print PDF UTBK Cards Without Cropping

How to Print PDF UTBK Cards Without Cropping – Participants must know how to print the UTBK SBMPTN card. The printing of the UTBK-SBMPTN card is part of the LTMPT UTBK registration process. This is very important considering that the UTBK LTMPT card is one of the mandatory requirements for participating in the UTBK on the day of the Computer Writing Examination (UTBK) organized by the Higher Education Entrance Examination Institute or LTMPT.

LTMPT itself is the only institution in Indonesia that administers standardized higher education examinations. After registering or registering at the UTBK-SBMPTN, participants must print a registration card. After successfully completing the registration process, participants will receive a UTBK-SBMPTN registration card.

Then after registering and getting the UTBK-SBMPTN registration card, participants need to make payments at the designated bank. Participants must also pay attention to the UTBK-SBMPTN registration and payment process so that it runs smoothly. The LTMPT itself does not publish the official size for printing the UTBK SBMPTN card. However, the UTBK SBMPTN card is free to print, according to the two-year-old LTMPT Twitter post.

The upload contains information about the participants of the 2022 Computer Writing Test (UTBK) Joint Selection Entrance to State Higher Education (SBMPTN) who have not printed their exam cards at the end of the UTBK registration.

How to Print PDF UTBK Cards Without Cropping

1. Select print, later it will redirect to the print page

2. Select the destination and click save as PDF

3. Click Other settings:

– Edit the paper size to A4

– Custom replaceable margins

– Changed the scale, adjust then write 110 or 120

4. Click save, rename as you want

Later it will be more or less like this (the first sheet doesn’t fall out)

Oh yeah, even though it selects “print” it doesn’t mean it has to be printed at the same time. If you don’t have a printer at home, you can still try it (this is how to sv card to pdf format directly from the web ltmpt). So, later on, all you have to do is give the pdf file to the printer, mas.


1. must pdf? can you jpg?

try to sharpen the picture first on the web that I gave herethen crop it manually first if it’s already a pdf, so far I’ve tried it doesn’t break even though it’s zoomed in

2. If you want a photocopy, how do you say it 🙁 the problem is that I don’t have my own printer huhu

3. Sis, I want to ask if you want to use f4 paper, do you choose the legal or letter option?

maybe it’s legal

if it’s legal it’s a bit longer than F4

if the letter is a little shorter than F4

After registration is complete and the participant has paid the UTBK SBMPTN exam fee, the next step is to print the exam card. According to the LTMPT official website, participants must immediately print their SBMPTN participant cards on the LTMPT portal. It is not LTMPT’s responsibility if the card file is lost or the SNMPTN card is not printed at the specified time.

That’s How to Print PDF UTBK Cards Without Cropping


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