How to Pay Motorcycle Tax Online on the Signal App

How to Pay Motorcycle Tax Online on the Signal App – Just yesterday I tried to pay the motorbike registration tax online. You don’t have to wait in long lines to process your vehicle tax or pay late because now you can pay your vehicle tax online. One of them is through the National Digital Samsat or the SIGNAL application which can be downloaded on the App Store or Google Play. The SIGNAL application is an annual STNK approval service, payment of Motor Vehicle Tax (PKB) and mandatory payment of traffic fees. Of course, SIGNAL will make it easier for you to pay motor vehicle taxes safely and easily.

The Signal application has several services that make it easier for the public to process vehicle taxes. Available services include, for example, annual vehicle tax payment and annual vehicle registration approval. You can get this service through the Signal app installed on your Android or iOS phone. You can download the app for free on the app store

Maybe it can help those of you who want to pay taxes but don’t have time, are lazy, etc.

How to Pay Motorcycle Tax Online on the Signal App

Signals Application:

1. Register + ID card verification

2. Add Your Vehicle Info (Police Number + Last 5 Characters Order Number)

3. If you have verified, select “Registration and Ratification of STNK

4. Select the vehicle number that you input

5. Fill in your data.

6. Pay immediately. W pay using Dana to get cashback.

7. Validation of STNK can ask to be sent to the address according to domicile/address ktp, can be filled in yourself.

Sent by POS expedition.

W paid on the 25th and the STNK arrived today.

Who asked

“Could it be a vehicle that’s not your own name?”

“Not yet renamed”


There is an option “Different kk”

It seems possible, but I don’t know. Because I tried to use my own vehicle.

The important thing is to know the last 5 characters of no. frame

That’s How to Pay Motorcycle Taxes Online on the Signal Application.


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