How to Overcome Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Bootloop Without PC

How to Overcome Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Bootloop and Boot Stuck Without a PC – stuck booting means that the boot process doesn’t work, if it’s a bootloop, it means that the boot keeps repeating.

So this past week, my mother’s cellphone (redmi note 4) had a problem, stuck with the logo, it happened when I woke up in the morning when my mother checked my cellphone, it just stuck with the logo (mi logo), I tried to force it to turn off and then turn it on again, so it turned on again, but nothing happened. for a minute the logo is stuck again and then it turns on but for only 5 seconds it just keeps getting stuck on the logo again and again until the cellphone runs out of battery.

brought it to the counter and had to be flashed, paid 150k (I was persuaded to move the counter because I thought it was too expensive but still at the counter it turned out) I offered to my mother so it was 120k, OK it turned on again but at night the logo stuck again, it kept turning on again and normally it took a while (please be satisfied ampe w install apk wa, ig, etc.)

but the next day the logo is stuck again a day, you can wait 3x normally by yourself, then yesterday mom w brought it back to a different counter because the counter was closed, flashed again but it’s cheaper, only 50k, eh yesterday I tried to install wa stuck logo again and gas for 5 seconds normally

Is there the same user or redmi note 4? Sorry, I’m out of money, my cellphone needs to be used for business again.

For a nickel note 4 user who hasn’t been hit, immediately back up your data and activate usb debugging

Context: note 4 mediatek bootloop in congregation because the latest google play service update is in miui 10 position or the last update for nickel

it means that it’s a nickel-specific google play service bug, try to follow it first using airplane mode when it’s on, delete the google play service update, then if it works, back up important data, it’s customizable.

Xz2p better turn it off again, your nickel is idle for 10 hours and it’s still stuck on the logo, if it boots successfully it will restart again after 5 seconds, so if it boots successfully, you have to quickly turn on airplane mode and then delete the google play services update.

How to Overcome Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Bootloop Without PC

Method 1:

1. Remove the battery + SIM card, let stand 15 minutes, (let the machine cool down first)

2. Turn on the cellphone (make sure the battery is enough), Force airplane mode.




adb devices

adb shell

pm uninstall-k-user0

4. Restart the cellphone

5. Mask settings, look for installed applications, then search for googleplaystore, after you find it, click delete data-delete all data -Ok

6. Restart the cellphone again

7. Install apk google installer v3.0

9. Install and open it, wait until it’s finished, if something fails,

immediately start the cellphone, then wait again until it enters the menu

10. done…

Method 2: No PC
I’ve found the solution, you can try it when it’s suitable

1. When you turn it on, quickly activate airplane mode

“Well how do you want to turn on the cellphone, it’s on for 2 seconds and it’s dead

2. Keep doing it until there is a chance the cellphone can turn on for a while, it took me 10 times more to turn on airplane mode.

3. From here you can use the cellphone again but it’s not connected to the internet

4. when you have it, uninstall the google play service browser, so it doesn’t restart when you get an internet connection

5. Done Lu, you can use your cellphone again to connect to the internet, there’s no problem, my advice is to back up the data after normal

3 days there hasn’t been a restart case since uninstalling the update

Method 3: Without reset/software

solution without reset/software…

== remove the card first..turn on..

== when the screen scrolls down, turn on airplane mode..

== after that hold down the GPS symbol

== select device specific mode

it’s simple after restarting the cellphone

I’ve also bought Mediatek in the past, it doesn’t last long, the cellphone is updated instead of adding bugs, not adding improvements, it’s 3 years after that, the cellphone starts to slow down, often the fc doesn’t even last 6 minutes even though I’ve updated the application.

For users who use Mediatek, I suggest buying the snap one because it’s been tested for years.

So many ways to overcome the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Bootloop without a PC.


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