How to Overcome Writer’s Block for Writers

How to Overcome Writer’s Block What can be done to prevent or avoid writer’s block – Hello. Here I want to share a little about how I can overcome the struggles of all authors, namely writer’s block.

Oh yeah, I want to give a disclaimer first, if I’m just sharing this, I mean, this is my own way. You can give an example but there is no guarantee that it will work 100% because everyone is different hehe. Ok, let’s get started

Previously, I myself was the type of author who wrote the story line first before making an au. So there are already details for each chapter. Maybe there is the same? Or are you the type to write first and go with the flow? Of the two different types, writer’s block will definitely appear.

For myself, I was stuck when I wanted to write a narrative that already had a title. Rich, “This is the title, but what about the contents so that it matches the title?” As for the type that follows the flow, it’s the same way, you’ll be confused about the continuation of the writing, and this is really annoying.

So what I usually do when I’m on Vase Writer’s Block is:

How to Overcome Writer’s Block: What can be done to prevent or avoid writer’s block

1. Find a Quiet Place and a Calm Atmosphere

When I’m really stuck, I don’t know how to continue my writing, I usually look for a quiet place with a calm atmosphere where it’s just me (for example, the bedroom).

This has an effect, because with this, my brain can focus on continuing to write, especially when it comes to writing narration. But it could also be for example there is a place called your pw corner to write (at home), well, you can also write there.

2. Write While Listening to Songs

Usually after looking for a pw place, I use earphones and then play songs via spotify or youtube. It’s just that I use YouTube more often because when I use spotify it’s random jsjs (re: not premium).

Meanwhile, when it comes to YouTube, usually on my laptop, I connect it to earphones and look for playlists. The playlist depends on what I’m writing. For example, I want to write a fluff narration, I hear a song that is really cheerful.

This method worked for me, when I wrote the auto narration it went smoothly like a toll road. Eh, but this depends, yes, because there are types of people who, when listening to a song, don’t even focus. So it depends on each one.

Here are examples of keywords that you can search on youtube:

How to Overcome Writer's Block Effective for Writers

— Soft Korean study playlist for writing au or fluff parts.

— Sad korean study playlist for writing au or sad parts, this can be done for those of you who write angst.

Apart from the above, you can also search for playlists of indo songs, full ost kdrama or songs specifically for one group. For example, if you want to listen to the NCT song while writing, you just have to look for it.

3. Watch Web Dramas

If the two methods above still don’t work, aka still stuck, I usually watch web dramas to get a feel for it or just for inspiration. “Why a web drama anyway?” The answer is because if you watch an ordinary drama, one episode is 1 hour long—

Instead, it will protect the drama and end up not writing, I’ve had the problem that ended up not writing anything because it was fun. So I prefer to watch web dramas, one episode doesn’t take up to 30 minutes (usually) you can search on youtube, there are many.

4. Try Entering Into Writing

“Huh? Can you? What do you mean?”

I rarely do this one, but once I was really stuck. So the point of point number 4 is that I as an author position myself as a character in my writing.

It’s hard to explain this one. But the point is, I’m trying to make myself the main character in the story, I feel like it, the easy term is to want to be a character in my own au. I hope you get what I mean huhu.

5. Accompanied by Prayer

Now this is the last one and is done at every point from 1-4. This cannot be forgotten. Before you write, it’s better to pray first (according to each other’s beliefs).

So those are the things I usually do when I get writer’s block. You can try it for those of you who are hit by writer’s block. But like what I told you at the beginning, I can’t guarantee that it will be 100% successful. Because this is my way, my style of writing.

If you’ve tried using my method but are still stuck, try to find your own way or style of writing, so it’s up to each of you.

I hope you understand what I have explained. If someone doesn’t understand, just tap on the comments to ask questions, don’t hesitate or want to discuss, it’s okay to chat lightly. Sorry if there are mistakes in words and sentences.

Thank you for reading articles from amateur writers like me jsjsjs. Keep up the good work, don’t give up. If you are tired of resting first, then you can get up again, you can’t give up okay? Spirit! Stay safe, stay healthy, and be happy!


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