How to Overcome the Fear of Cheating and Losing a Spouse

How to overcome the fear of being cheated on and losing a partner, why the fear of losing someone – should survive after being cheated on?

Who has watched Disconnected Kites, so afraid of themselves?? Happy woman raising one hand

So afraid of being cheated on, afraid of being in a relationship, afraid of getting married because of seeing Mas Aris who is really good at hiding his cheating 🙁

So, how do we deal with our fears?

How to Overcome the Fear of Cheating and Losing a Spouse

Let’s discuss!

First of all, let’s share the perception.

The thread that will be discussed is about how to deal with the fear of being cheated on, even though the relationship may be fine. But because of our fear, we end up “feeling” cheated on, even though we are not. Watch until it’s finished.

Well, I will first discuss the definition of fear & premonition. Because I know, when we are in a relationship and a partner is cheating on us, some of us feel that we have a “hunch” that their partner is cheating on us.

Now, it is important to discuss this so that we can distinguish which one is a hunch, which one is just afraid.

OK, let me explain first.

According to the KBBI, a hunch is a feeling that will occur AFTER seeing an attitude. Which means, the feeling of “it looks like he’s cheating on me” appears after seeing any indications or behavior that is not as usual.

So, according to the KBBI, one of them is feeling anxious, worried. And worry itself means worrying about something that is not known for certain.

So from this definition, you can already see the difference between “hunch” and “fear”.

Actually we need fear as a survival mechanism and protect from threats (here the threat is the actor wkwkwk)

Usually fear is based on past experiences or worries about the future. But it’s not based on current reality.

So, when the thought arises “I think he’s cheating”. So, try to understand first, is it a hunch based on his unusual behavior, or a fear that isn’t really certain?

If it’s a hunch, it appears when there are clear signs, if it’s fear it appears without any sign

If you watch Disconnected Kites, Kinan also thinks “Aris is cheating on you” based on the signs that appear, right?

– messy shirt buttons

– button fall

– smell of perfume

– missing earrings

Based on these signs, he is increasingly convinced that Aris is really cheating on him.

Well, if you’re afraid, when the thought “looks like he’s cheating” comes up, it’s not based on any signs. What is usually an indifferent partner is that he remains indifferent that day, we are afraid of ourselves, “Is he cheating on me?”. Even though, yes, basically, neutral face is cool

I’ll explain some of the other differences:

– If it’s a hunch, it usually doesn’t involve excessive fear. Fear is there, but it’s more of a “confident” feeling. Precisely when we have a hunch “he’s cheating”, we tend to just stay calm and look for other evidence, because we believe based on the indications.

– if the feeling of fear, it involves more feelings of anxiety.

“Oh, he’s really cheating, isn’t he?”

“Ugh, who did he go with?”

“What if he meets another girl?”

So more to feelings of anxiety and panic. And maybe the actions we take are also not calculated

So we can make a difference between what is real and what is just a feeling of fear.

So what I will focus on in this thread is how to respond to our fears. Fear of being cheated on, afraid of a relationship, afraid of marriage.

So, let’s dissect the cause of the fear first.

There are many reasons, maybe even you yourself know better what the cause of your fear is. It could be from past experiences, the environment around, worries in the future, or something else.


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