How to Overcome Terror of Online Loans and Gambling On Whatsapp

How to Overcome Online Loans and Gambling Terror on Whatsapp and How to Overcome Gambling Spammers and Borrowing on Whatsapp Chat – In 2019, some have borrowed large amounts of money. At that time he borrowed 1 million rupiah, but he received only 950,000 rupiah, because it was said that the rest was administrative costs. One day, YI had trouble paying and the app billed it.

He was threatened with humiliation and his photo would be shared with all the contacts on his cell phone. Until finally, the collectors shared photos that said YI was ready to take turns to pay off its debts.

One of the illegal creditors did not hesitate to intimidate his customers by sharing photos of himself and the user’s ID card to contacts on the customer’s cellphone. Apart from that, the loan also provides full name, mobile number and text information if the client wants to sell their body and mother to pay off debts.

Then, the payee also stated that the number sent by the photo was the number listed as the guarantor of the debt.

Illegal lenders provide massive loans to the public with several unlawful terms and conditions.

So, in order not to be deceived by illegal loans, the Financial Services Authority (OJK) has provided a WhatsApp number to check the legal status of online loan service provider companies (pinjol).

How to Overcome Terror of Online Loans and Gambling On Whatsapp

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How to Overcome Terror of Online Loans and Gambling On Whatsapp

1. Save their contact with an easy-to-remember name.

2. Create a WA group with the name “Spammers” (optional name).

3. Add previously saved contacts to the WA Spammer group.

4. Try to interact in the group.

5. If there is a new spam chat from a number that has not been added to the group, repeat step 3.

6. Congratulations, you have successfully countered them.

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about Pinjol, because several Pinjol offices have been raided by the police.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who want to borrow money from loans.

One of them is because applying for a loan is easy and fast.

Even the interest rates on loans are very high and growing.

Often, illegal loans are enough to apply online, fill in your ID, and transfer the loan funds directly to the borrower’s account.

Some Ways to Overcome Terror of Online Loans and Gambling on Whatsapp


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