How to Overcome Phishing on Twitter to be Safe

How to Overcome Phishing on Twitter – Here we will explain How to Overcome and Eliminate Phishing On Twitter – Completely Peel the Dangers of Phishing on Social Media, Understand! Hello guys

With more and more people sending DM links that smell like phishing, we are trying to make a short article about Phishing and how to prevent and deal with it when it comes to phishing, so, let’s go straight to the discussion.

Phishing is when someone tries to trick you into giving you personal data such as username, email, phone number etc., usually with the aim of spamming your account with links that lead to fake login pages.

For example, did you get a link like this in a direct message? which doesn’t make much sense, the mutual who obviously doesn’t know my Instagram suddenly sent a link like that, it’s clearly wrong. So it’s really weird, this is clearly phishing & dangerous.

There are also many other models, such as give away links, get instant money or something that lures people, which in fact the link is fake

It looks really trivial, but it’s very dangerous because all the personal data in our social media accounts can be stolen, it’s a shame that the account has been treated with great care when it’s lost or damaged due to phishing.

How to Overcome and Eliminate Phishing On Twitter

For how to solve it:

1. Not just open a link / link given by a friend, friend, girlfriend or ex.

2. Always crosscheck through the official website of the link, for example the Instagram link, why Parel, turns out to be fake

3. Don’t just give personal data

4. Always back up personal data

5. Usually, phishing links are just like typos.

6. Ask the closest people about the link you got

7. Complete with 2-step security verification

What if, for example, you have been phished?

1. Change Username and Password

2. Complete 2-step security verification to make it even more secure

The easiest thing to do for people who understand IT or who are foreign to IT is not to click on any links, don’t easily trust clickbait, first make sure if there’s an official website. usually web phishing has a different domain name than usual.

We hope that with this short article, residents will no longer click on links like that, be smarter and more thorough and be wary of simple things like those links because apart from endangering your account, it also endangers other people’s accounts.

Oh yes, if anyone has additional information, please add it in the reply column, let’s fight phishing together

Question session:

1. I want to ask, may I? Earlier, my coworker sent me this and I clicked on it because I thought it was from the BMKG site. When I checked, it turned out that there was an element of wa gb gt. Is the link dangerous?


What is the wa gb element like? Any explanation? If it’s directly connected to wa GB gt, it’s dangerous, try to cross check on google what wamoshost is, but use invisible mode

2. Hello, how about like this? Have you ever opened it but it doesn’t matter why and you change your password often too. So is it safe?


If you change your password frequently, it should be safe


Yes, until now, I still change my pass frequently and it’s okay, a note to me, if there’s a link, don’t click it again, okay?

3. 2 days ago I was also in the same dm and the give away also sent a link that wasn’t clear, but I just watched it not until I clicked on the link


Well that’s good, it means you’re smart about this

Other Cases:

For those who have lost their cellphones, like there is an sms ‘Your cellphone was found bla bla bla’ that’s phishing too, guys, later there will be a link below that is made just like the original website, don’t enter any data there, okay?

So How To Overcome Phishing On Twitter To Be Safe


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