How to Overcome On the Phone from a Scam Stranger Number

How to Overcome On the Phone from a Scam Stranger Number – HEEEEEEEE IT WAS VERY NEW YESTERDAY THIS NUMBER CALLED ME.. the number is the same… The lady claims to be from the bank, luckily I’m lazy to answer and I’ll just ask you to joke, her voice is funny. So sad to have experienced this. But the bank didn’t admit it, because I used a postpaid card so he claimed that the provider wanted to give a gift. At first he was able to survive, but in the end his defense was weak and… the money at the ATM ran out.

A friend of mine was once called by a fraud, these guys claim to be lecturers on campus but their speaking style doesn’t match, then I also got a call from the fraudster, and I told my friend to pick it up, not long after the phone was turned off

after being called by a foreign number, I picked up but immediately went silent. then sis called at first it was good but because i was silenced, the 5th call from her “hello? is this madam? is it okay, sis is low” and then she turns it off. I’m sorry, sis, I’m lazy, when will I upload it

These few days I often get wa calls from foreign numbers (not in contact) and I myself have never given my wa number to just anyone, but because of work, I have to share cellphone numbers for clients. Every time a call comes in, I think it’s a client, but it turns out they’re not looking for someone with the same name +

So if this is the case, how do you solve it?

How to Overcome On the Phone from a Scam Stranger Number

If you get a call from a foreign number claiming to be from a certain agency (usually a bank), the FIRST STEP is to copy-paste that number into Google.

How to Overcome On the Phone from a Scam Stranger Number

There is a very good website that can directly check the number, what have you ever done with someone other than us.

His style of speech is not like a con artist, very friendly, very official, very polite.

AND what’s even scarier, they can know your name, your address, even the names of the people around you.

If you’re not focused, this can be fatal.

So yeah, please please please DIRECTLY google their phone number, or directly ask the customer service agency that I admit is a fraud.

Hope this helps.

May I know what website can check the number, bro? The cellphone is still being called by the same number, the first 9 digits of the 11 digits are the same and the numbers are the same


sometimes I feel uncomfortable when suddenly a foreign number calls, I’m afraid too t___t

I rarely get phone calls because I always use WiFi and airplane mode. If there’s something important, they’ll definitely contact me with a messaging/email app.

Some Ways to Overcome on the Phone from a Fraudulent Foreign Number


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