How to Overcome Netflix Location Restrictions

How to Solve Netflix Location Restrictions and Netflix Error Your account cannot be used in this location – Today’s comedy is people who use Netflix where they bought it from where they protest to Netflix because their account has been blocked

So today netflix has a new policy again, like last year some policies change frequently and sometimes it’s difficult today on March 18, 2022 mostly subject to location restrictions and have to turn on VPN to be able to stream.

From this post, I learned that if you get a cheap Netflix account from buying it using another region, it’s no different from finding the cheapest Steam game price in a certain region.

How to Overcome Netflix Location Restrictions

Just get it straight, bro, there are legal and illegal sellers. But the legal ones also got blocked because of what? Our payment method uses the currency of another country. Examples such as gift cards / vouchers. Looking for the cheapest and when it is converted to rupiah it’s cheaper that’s why

can sell cheaply for in Indonesia. Why do you have to block the region? Yes, because the Indonesian region is blocked by Netflix. So that the account that has been paid for can not be used in Indonesia but for other countries it can. So that’s why you have to use a VPN

Why don’t you get a region block if you buy Netflix right away? Yes, because the purchase is already at the Indonesian exchange rate, the Indonesian region, the Indonesian payment. Where is the price, like on the website. We are cheaper sellers because we use vouchers from other countries which are converted into cheaper than the website price

Currently there are those who are hit by a regional lock, it’s a risk. Just like when you buy an iPhone, there are also indications of being blocked by IMEI. We sellers also never force to buy from us. Just help those who don’t have sharingan friends. Or don’t know how to buy etc

How to Overcome Netflix Location Restrictions


1. educate each customer that this is a netflix policy and not an intentional thing

2. Download vpn on playstore/appstore which is available for free.

• recommendations for mobile: tunnelbear, turbovpn.

• recommendations for laptop/smart tv:

tunnelbear, etc

3. Before streaming, make sure the VPN is connected and the account can be used again

Tutorials :

This temporary solution is to use a VPN FOR ANDROID and WAY 2 for PC/ LAPTOP without using a VPN

Steps to Use VPN on Netflix ON ANDROID

1. Set up a recommended VPN ->

2. Log out of Netflix first

3. Login to your netflix account. (make sure to refresh the page first)

4. Connect the VPN

5. Select Movie

6. VPN can be turned off, and reconnect if you want to change movies

Note: After the VPN is active, if you want to change the film, please refresh it first


Change Dns on CHROME

1.Open chrome

2. Look for settings select Security and privacy

3. Select security

4.Scroll down look for Advanced

5.Click on use secure DNS select “With : Cloudflare(1.1.1)

6. Go back to Netflix, refresh, still be the homework for the rest of the cellphone and smart TV. Hope it helps for all of you

vpn update that can and is successfully used:

• using nord vpn, canada region

• use vypr / namcheap vpn, japan region

• windscribe, US region

• hola vpn, region canada (android install from google so search “hola vpn android apk” because it’s not in playstore)

• turbo vpn singapore

• Fast internet

• vpn master (ios/andro)

most wanted films:

drakor Twenty Five Twenty One (25 21) can use vpn Australia / Aussie region

big no:

use a vpn region of Indonesia because it definitely doesn’t work

IOS : hola vpn region canada.

Android : I just tried it on Android using Hola vpn in the canada region, but the vpn was installed from google so I searched “hola vpn apk android”, because the app isn’t in the playstore

Smart TV : can dwld on the playstore tv or search on google dwld tunnel apk

most wanted films:

drakor Twenty Five Twenty One (25 21) can use vpn Australia / Aussie region

drakor Business roposal can use Veilduck USA

As long as the indo account is safe, if the one from fh netflix is ​​an external account & will be subject to a location zone, it doesn’t mean it’s not legal, some are legal because they can be extended every month, the monthly bill uses another country’s exchange rate.

Due to netflix’s new policy, all accounts that were previously safe from vpn, as of March 18, 2022, were mostly subject to location restrictions and had to turn on the VPN in order to stream. Because in is an error from netflix:

So customers who buy from sellers don’t need to be angry with Netflix. You have to be more aware that you buy it at the seller, not Netflix directly. If you want to be without problems or be subject to a policy, go directly to the Netflix website. We don’t have a problem either

The point is, you don’t believe it and think it’s illegal? Don’t buy. You want to buy? Understand the risks of buying from a third party. Whether it’s a physical product or non-physical. Don’t buy from a seller but want god quality like buying on the official website

The seller already knows, no need to explain. Here it emphasizes that if you have chosen to buy through a third party even though there is a genuine platform, you must be aware of the risks. Don’t you understand the context

legal payment because it is not hacking. If it’s a matter of violating Netflix’s TNC, it’s considered illegal, it’s up to you, after all, the evidence has been narrowed down to Netflix, so stay calm. If there is no gap, no one will sell it

As long as the gap is still there and the demand is still there, the seller is still there. It’s just a matter of narrowing the gap and reducing the demand wkwkwk. Here, I emphasize the awareness of customers buying through the black market, they must understand the risk of getting narrowed in the system gap


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