How to Overcome Lag Apex Legends Mobile Speed ​​Unlocker

How to Overcome Apex Legends Mobile Module Speed ​​Unlocker FPS Lag – Apex Legends Mobile has conducted a soft launch on Monday, March 7, 2022 in 10 countries, one of which is Indonesia, Kawula Muda! Apex Legends Mobile, a version of the battle royale game based on the game of the same name, has been released on PC and consoles.

Apex Legends Mobile can play games up to 120fps if your device is capable. However, in our observations with the PerfDog WeTest app, it can display fps at a maximum of 29 fps for a balanced setting.

On high it can go up to 30fps and on ultra we can go up to 60fps. When we tested at very high settings, we were only able to get 60fps even with our device’s screen refresh rate of 90Hz.

Oh yes, we used several different devices for testing purposes. We first used the Mi 10 5G, which uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC, and we also used the Samsung Galaxy A50s, which uses the Exynos 9611. Don’t forget, we use the vivo V2 5G which uses the MediaTek Dimensity 920.

In testing, all three devices were able to play the game without any problems.

How to Overcome Lag Apex Legends Mobile Speed ​​Unlocker

1. First install magisk here Here

2. Download files Module Speed ​​Unlocker here : Here

Module Speed ​​Unlocker

3. Please open your Magisk application
4. Click the “module“According to the photo above, then select the speed unlocker module that you downloaded earlier

Module Speed ​​Unlocker

5. Click the module and then install
6. Wait for the installation to finish, okay?

7. Open the App Termux (download if you don’t have it)

8. Type the command:

su -c apex

or if you can’t

su -c pom

9. Wait for it to finish.
10. Done


*All risks are borne by you (dywor)

*After reboot open terminal termux enter command su -c apex

* If you want to play Apex on your root Hide phone, use the Samiko module (search on Google)

* don’t change the graphic settings if you have installed this module

For the Mi 10 5G, we were able to comfortably use ExtremeHD settings with super high frame rates and were able to play games comfortably at 60fps. Whereas in Vivo V23 we have to downgrade to Ultra HD to get 60fps without dropping frames.

As for the Galaxy A50s, we had to lower the settings to Balanced and High to reach a steady 45fps. So, indeed this game has been optimized very well.

In appearance, the three initial settings are very different. For a more subtle setting, it looks like it’s tuned for a smartphone with fairly low specs.

That’s How To Overcome Lag Apex Legends Mobile Speed ​​Unlocker


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