How to Overcome Failed Transactions or Money Transfers from Jago Syariah Bank

Digital Banks in any brand must be sophisticated which perform transactions, transfer money to other banks, top up balances to e-wallet, pay bills, create your own pocket for future financial plans such as saving, investing, etc. However, applications in any form must have trouble or errors, both external and internal systems. This also includes the Digital Bank application, which is one of the Jago Syariah Banks that has trouble, namely failed transactions or money transfers from other banks or vice versa.

This must be very annoying, especially in payment of bills that are past due. One example of a transaction failure from Bank Jago Syariah is the failure of a money transfer as shown in the image below. Even though the account number for the bank or the cellphone number for the intended E-Wallet has been entered correctly.

The problem above can actually be solved in several ways so that the Bank Jago Syariah customer account system can make transactions or transfer money based on the author’s own experience, except the Jago Syariah bank system is in error because it is being maintained from there.

WAY 1: Re-login

This has usually been a long time in the last few months and even years you have not used the Jago Syariah bank application, there may be changes to the data, such as your customer account being deactivated or taken over by someone else without your knowledge. This can be done by clearing the Cache data in the application through direct HP settings or logging out and logging in again with the same identity data.

WAY 2: Find a place with a strong and stable internet signal

This often happens because the speed or strength of the internet signal is less stable and slow so that the transaction or money transfer process takes a little longer than usual. This can be done by looking for a place or area that has a strong and stable network/internet signal capability. After that, you check the transaction history on your balance again, you can see if the transaction process or money transfer was successful or failed. If the result fails, then you can repeat the transaction or transfer money in the same way.

WAY 3: Update the application

This often happens because there is a change or development of the Bank Jago Syariah application system, causing the failure to transact or transfer money because some system components do not function. This can be overcome by updating the Bank Jago application on the Google Play Store on Android phones until the application can make transactions or transfer money again as usual.

WAY 4: Contact Customer Service

If you have tried the 3 methods above but still fail to make a transaction or transfer money from Bank Jago Syariah, then you can contact the Customer Service email, namely [email protected] regarding the failure to conduct transactions or transfer money from Bank Jago Syariah.

The format for filling out a complaint in an email is the same as filling in another bank, namely mentioning the identity data of the customer or Bank Jago Syariah account and filling in your complaint regarding the failure to make a transaction or transfer money from Bank Jago Syariah. Tips to speed up processing, then you can upload or attach screenshots of proof of failure in the transaction or money transfer. Don’t worry, they are open 24/7 so you can submit your complaint to Customer Service at any time.

After that, you get a ticket number from the Customer Services reply earlier in the customer complaint process and wait for some time until there is a notification of the results of your complaint. This is usually a maximum of 30 minutes to receive notification of the results of your complaint from Customer Service earlier. If you get an inbox notification from Bank Jago Customer Service that reads “… the system is back to normal now, …..” it means that your Jago Syariah bank account can make transactions or transfer money back as usual.

This also applies to regular Bank Jago customers or accounts.


No matter how sophisticated the Digital Bank application is, especially with a UI / UX display that attracts users or customers to use the M-Banking application, there must be trouble with the application system so that it cannot run normally such as money transfers, top ups to E-Wallet, and etc. This includes the Bank Jago application which can be said to be quite problematic in the system, sometimes the problem must be resolved by contacting Bank Jago Customer Service directly.


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