How to Overcome Envy of Fellow Writers

How to Overcome Envy of Fellow Writers – An article on how to overcome envy based on my personal experience. If anyone wants to have an opinion or add something, please do it once

-Understand the feelings.

Let’s start by understanding feelings first. I don’t think that feeling is right or wrong, it comes automatically from there without us controlling it first. For example, did you plan that you would be jealous of other people? I don’t.

The feeling of envy just comes, and sometimes you are confused and don’t want to feel it. What is wrong or right is the fruit of your feelings. For example, you feel jealous, now you do something bad like attacking people who make you jealous.

How to Overcome Envy of Fellow Writers

Well, that’s wrong isn’t it? So, something like this:

Feelings of envy = neither wrong nor right

Doing something bad out of jealousy = wrong Cross mark

So far understand? If so, let’s move on.

This feeling of envy that you feel is better if you keep it to yourself, don’t tell other people, especially people who make you jealous. This is due to avoiding the feelings of others who are hurt because of this honesty. I think it’s a bit risky.

If you really need to pour out all the emotional feelings you have, please pour them into a safe place that is really safe (maybe someone who is an expert, maybe media such as private acc, diaries, etc.). Anyway, what you believe is safe.

-Consider the good and bad impact.

When jealousy is present and you want to do something because of that feeling, please consider the pros and cons before deciding to do it.

For example, you will vent your jealousy and you have made a plan. You want to attack people who make you feel jealous, for example by badmouthing and sending curses. You may be relieved and happy, but other people will likely be devastated.

If this is known to others, there are also many who sympathize and support the victim, maybe the situation will turn against you. Even if you are safe, sorry. Folded hands. If you have faith and believe in God, God knows it all. What if God punishes you?

Maybe not now, maybe later, maybe you also need time to sober up. Time no one knows. The point is, for your actions there are always consequences. I’m saying this once again because of my personal experience huh

-Do something good.

I recently did good and bad thing management. So if I get bad things, I will compensate by doing good things or resting. For example, I see something that makes me feel jealous until the jealousy peaks out of control.

I usually do something that makes me happy like dance or sing. Or not, I don’t want to run away from my feelings. I usually read or watch about self improvement. I learned how to understand other people.

-Believe in yourself.

Everyone’s start, process and results are different, right? You don’t know how to start and process him and vice versa. So don’t compare yourself to him. Make your own achievements and can be with your own targets, of course tailored to you!

Adjust according to your abilities and conditions (including other factors that influence). If people have reached 10, should you be the same? It’s okay you want at 10 too, but don’t force it. Because of that, starting with the process is different for each person.

-Fix or change intent.

I’m going to be a little specific. I used to have WP just for fun (not really for fun) I just wanted to start writing stories. Over time, it changed, so I wanted my story to get lots of views and votes, if possible until it got a high rating.

Well, I don’t think this is right. Why? The thing is, what I used to enjoy writing is pouring ideas, I’m actually stressed, instead of thinking about ideas, I’m thinking about how to get lots of votes. Until here I have not arrived at the direction of envy because I was in a hurry to get dizzy with the final semester of college.

Rest right. Then I made an AU on Twitter which ended up being taken down. Let’s just skip it. So long story short, I have another AU on twitter. Keep seeing AU, people with RT and likes are a lot motivated (it was motivated first).

But it turned out to be from being motivated, to being jealous because I found a story that I thought [censored] that’s how it is. Sorry, I’m censoring, because I don’t want this thread to hurt Folded hands. After that, I became more concerned about likes and rt.

I’m even thinking about how to promote fishing rods so people can know my story, so overthinking, what’s my story? And the worst thing is judgmental. Learning from mistakes, I have a principle:

“Don’t choose feelings to the point of sacrificing common sense. Stay reasonable.”

So I don’t choose to create relief and satisfaction (by doing bad things to other people). If I’m not relieved and satisfied, so be it! Why feed a bad feeling? Why make a mistake because of it? I don’t want to be bad.

Don’t want to lose the point of feeling, don’t let your common sense go away and you’re taken over by bad feelings.

What do I do? What I’ve said above, while understanding myself then I realized, my intention to make AU was not right for me.

From the beginning:

Write AU because you want to share ideas and want to publish a book > Write AU because you want to be famous and want to publish a book > Write AU just want to pour out ideas, also get corrections if something goes wrong

And this is the result

I don’t focus on rts and likes, I don’t envy other people’s achievements, I promote when I’m free, I’m relieved and not depressed, I also enjoy writing more. My focus for AU is to present ideas now, and if you get corrections, fix them.

Whether there are many who read or many who like or not, I don’t really care. If there is, thank you, that’s okay too. Just enjoy my life in writing to express ideas

That’s all from me, maybe if someone wants to add or correct it, that’s fine.


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