How to Overcome Discord Phishing Link Spam

How to Overcome Discord Phishing Link Spam – Hello friends, in this article we want to give you a tutorial on how to deal with spam phishing links on Discord.

Discord is a platform to hangout with friends and here we can meet new people and we can interact on this discord. However, recently there have been several problems that have come to Discord users and this is one form of things that can threaten the accounts of users on Discord.

How to Overcome Discord Phishing Link Spam

Previously, we may have known that in this discord, recently, there are often many people who send spam links.

If someone clicks on the link, then after they fill in their identity on their website or after clicking on the link, they will automatically send the same message in a chain or in bulk on other people’s servers or via DM.

This is very dangerous because it is like being a chain message to people so that if this is not stopped it will continue to spread everywhere.

Some of the effects that can occur when you click this link are that your account will send a scam message that will be sent through the server and also DM on discord. This is because you click on the link later and pass it on unknowingly.

Of course, as a server admin, you have to overcome all of this, one of which is by using create Anti spam bots and if the culprit sends a message via dm then it can do it Banned to that person.

The chronology is like this, when you click on the link from the fraudsters, your account will automatically be stored in their database. So unknowingly you will send fraudulent messages on other people’s servers.

Of course, this is very detrimental to many people and will add to the next new victims. In addition, when you click on the link there will also be a bot that will authorize your account so that you will send the fraud message everywhere.

How to Overcome Discord Phishing Link Spam

1. Ke Profile Settings / user setting

2. Select Authorized Apps

3. Look for bots that msuspicious or bot not verification

4. Remove Access that bot (click Deauthorize) .

How to Overcome Discord Phishing Link Spam

5. Final Step: CHANGE PASSWORD (required) & Enable 2fa (option)

Spam Link Prevention

1. Block the spammer

2. Report to the mutual server to ask to be banned (include proof)

3. Activate 2fa so that your account has 2nd protection (try using an app from Microsoft, not Google)

4. If you have pressed the phishing link, please report it to to ask for help recovering your hacked account

5. exit from servers that you think are useless/rarely visited because it only makes your discord heavy and the potential for phishing spam is 80%

6. Never click on suspicious links.

If you click on a link that redirects you to another website, it is possible that the external site can access your personal information. Discord suggests checking through site checkers like VirusTotal before clicking on it.

7. Don’t Spread Personal Identity

Be careful about sharing your personal information. Discord is a great way to meet new friends and join new communities, but as with any online interaction, protect yourself by not sharing your personal information.

8. Do not scan the qr code that is spread on discord.

The problem is that discord is now able to login using a qr code. If you want to be safe, use 2FA. just the authentic one, because if google auth is difficult to restore it if the cellphone is reset. For Steam, please activate the Steam Guard feature, the safest is to the cellphone number, not the email one

Discord will only make announcements through official social media accounts.

Discord uses proactive spam filters to protect its users and the platform. Sending spam is against Discord Terms of Service.

Discord will take action against any account, bot or server that is spamming. If you believe spam is coming from Discord, please email Discord immediately at [email protected].

So many articles on how to deal with phishing spam on Discord, hopefully this time it can be useful for all of you and thank you


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