How to Overcome Can’t Join Spotify Family Limit

How to Overcome Spotify Family Join Limit Cannot JoinHow to Overcome Can’t Join Spotify Family Limit – For those who have a limit on joining the Spotify family and their account doesn’t have any followers, you can use the email replacement method. Replace email replaces the old account email, continues to register new old emails with spotify.

If you are a music lover, you must already know what Spotify is. Yes, Spotify is one of the most popular online music player services in the world today. This is inseparable from the complete music collection out there. Well, as we all know, Spotify itself has released one of its interesting promos, namely the Spotify Premium Family promo or better known as Spotify Family.

Spotify Family or officially Spotify Premium for Family is a service from Spotify that allows you to have six Spotify Premium accounts at once with a monthly subscription discount. Spotify Premium Family also offers other benefits. Spotify Premium Family Includes package price of IDR 79,000 per month for a maximum of 6 users.

Spotify Premium Family can be listened to separately from each account. In addition, Spotify offers Family Mix playlists. A playlist contains a collection of songs that each user listens to to play when the songs are combined. But did you know that Spotify is still “burning money” today. For this reason, they create many interesting features and promotions so that their customers remain loyal to their services.

Basically Spotify Family is a Spotify Premium account that is specially packaged for you as a family of six (max) people living at the same address.

How to Overcome Spotify Family Join Limit Cannot Join

How to replace account + move playlist

*Note: read while in practice

1. Go to spotify directly edit email Keep going save.


Email : [email protected] changed into [email protected]

2. Enter open a new tab search trikatuka on google continue to enter the web

3. Login on the left for the old account.

4. Go back to the spotify tab account logout.

5. Register old email

Examples like above [email protected]

6. If you have registered, open the tab trikatuka again ago login adjacent right for new account

7. Keep moving playlists, tracks, albums, etc

8. Done, just join using your family link

Excess :

— can join using old email

— playlists stay safe

Lack :

— followers lost

By signing up for a Spotify Family account later, you can pay a lower monthly fee. Interestingly, by subscribing to this Spotify Premium for Family account, you can get some interesting extras. One of them is explicit content filtering, so top payers can determine what the other 5 can and can’t hear.

Some Ways to Overcome Cannot Join Spotify Family Limit.


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