How to Open Whatsapp Database on PC and Laptop

How to Open Whatsapp Database on PC and Laptop – The DB.CRYPT12 file is a database from WhatsApp that contains some data, including messages, media, and voice notes.

This WhatsApp database is encrypted and contains the history of messages or chats on WhatsApp.

This file is designed to protect the chat data of WhatsApp users. But Many people want to see this database.

The question is How to Open Whatsapp Database on PC and Laptop? To know that See the discussion below for details.

The db.crypt12 file is a WhatsApp chat database stored on Android. Can this data be opened on a PC or laptop? Certainly can

WhatsApp encrypts conversations if you ever view the saved files. In this encryption, the WhatsApp application uses a file format in the form of db.crypt12.

Of course, to open this file, some supporting tools are needed.

The presence of this file allows you to open the db.crypt12 file on your PC without a key to view its contents.

How to Open Whatsapp Database on PC and Laptop

1. Copy your whatsapp database in the whatsapp folder in Sdcard > Whatsapp > Database

2. Put the database file file you want to read anywhere

3. Install the app WhatsApp Tri-Crypt

4. Then select “Decrypt WhatsApp Database”

5. The application will automatically detect your Database file and decrypt it

*The .crypt6 , .crypt7 or .crypt12 files will be decrypted from the .db form

6. Copy msgstore.db to your computer

7. Download the application and install Whatsapp Viewer

8. Open Whatsapp Viewer and Click File > Open

9. Enter the msgstore.db file and load it.

10. Then you will see all contacts and messages (including pictures) from that database

Simple Way:

You can directly read your database file with Crypt14 File Extension
Take it directly from the whatsapp database and then enter it directly here CRYPT14

This is certainly very helpful for those who actually can’t access the database through their WhatsApp account. In addition, you need to use this method wisely so as not to harm others with the contents of the file in db.crypt12. This file is designed to protect the message data of WhatsApp users.

The latest WhatsApp currently has a database file format in the form of DB.CRYPT12. So you can update your software to enable encryption. It would be better if you install antivirus software before opening the database. So if something goes wrong, it can be addressed immediately.

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That’s how to open the Whatsapp database on PCs and laptops.


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