How to Open Whatsapp Database File ( db.crypt12 ) on Android

How to Open Whatsapp Database File ( db.crypt12 ) on Android how to read whatsapp database how to open whatsapp msgstore – This method can see how to open whatsapp database files using .db.crypt12 Database Files on Android Without Whatsapp chat anyone by Transferring their Crypt12 Database Files to your Android phone. Both Decrypt & Chat Methods are Same, Because When you decrypt the Encrypted Database File, you will see all the Previous Chat messages in the Whatsapp application.

How to Open Whatsapp Database File ( db.crypt12 ) on Android

Many online Sites claim that they will hack Whatsapp messages by entering Mobile Number but it is Impossible Because this Messenger application Uses End to End Encrypt Security by Which only the Sending or Receiving Person can See This Message but Nothing is impossible, We can access other messages with their presence and stuff because Whatsapp Saves these Chat Messages in One file which we will in this article.

To decrypt Whatsapp messages by .db.crypt12 Database File, Only you will need their Saved Messages Database File whose Extension is .db.crypt12 then you can read all their Sent & Received Messages by Extracting it. This is not the only way to hack whatsapp Chat

How To Read Or Decrypt Whatsapp Messages With Database .Db.Crypt12 File
This is Very Simple Method But Chance to decrypt is Very Less, If Work for you then enjoy. If not, try again

How to Open Whatsapp Database File ( db.crypt12 ) on Android

1. First of all, Use Victim’s cell phone.
2. Open File Manger & Navigate to Card SD >> Whatsapp folder.
3. Now Copy this Folder & Paste in your Sd card. (if you are already Using your Whatsapp Account on your Mobile, First of all Move your Whatsapp Folder to Another Folder)
4. Now Go to Settings >> Apps >> Whatsapp, Click Clear Data & Cache.
5. Open Whatsapp & Restore.
6. In Few Minutes, All messages will be recovered.
7. These are the Steps to decrypt Whatsapp Database Files or Hack Chat Messages.

How To Open Whatsapp Database On Android Without Key

1. First of all Copy Victim Database File From Phone or sd Card =
Whatsapp / Databases / msgstore.db.crypt

2. Now Download Omni crypt app
3. If the Crypt File is under Version 6 then you don’t need to root your device, the problem is the key can be found on a rooted device
4. Now Open the App and Choose your database file to decrypt
5. Once Decrypted, Now we have to convert it into human readable form

6. Open and upload Decrypt your files
7. Click on Process/Download Zip Button
8. Extract Zip and Read Decrypted Whatsapp Messages Easily
9. You can also Recrypt the File by adding your Message in it.

In above Method, you can only see Past Messages, you will not get real Time & Future Update messages. If You Want To Get Real Time Update Then You Have to Change your mac address with its Address & Verify it By otp then you Can run One Whatsapp Account

How Does Decrypted Whatsapp Work?
Whatsapp Requires daily backup of Chats & Saves this Message in .db.crypt12 Extension File stored in SD Card or Phone Memory. When We Replace this File in our Whatsapp Folder then Shows That File Message. Sometimes a “key” is needed which is stored in data / data / com.whatsapp / Files / If your device is rooted then you can easily access it.

How To View / Hack Chat Messages By Whatsapp Web (Real Time)
Just open the Whatsapp Web ( on Pc/Laptop or Use Parallel Space app for Mobile code, now Scan Qr on victim’s Phone. Finished! Now Don’t Delete Browser Cookies & Read Messages In Real Time Even you can Read Past Messages too.

you know In Latest Version you will also get Popup to Save backup on Google Drive. If your Victim Enables this Option then you can Copy This File From their Google Drive too but you have to Access their Google Account for this.


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