How to Open Locked Scribd Files Free

How to Open Locked Scribd Files For Free Without Uploading – Hello guys, in this article we want to give a tutorial to all of you, namely how to open a blurry Scribd file without downloading without paying but also without uploading.

Why are we here saying no download because here you can directly see the Scribd file without having to download the file first like tutorials on the internet

We know that in the script it has various kinds of files that are very important for us, especially if there is a task this will help us by the existence of a file in the script.

How to Unlock Scibd Locked Free Without Upload

But here we want to give a simpler way that is by using a Google Chrome extension. If you have and use Google Chrome then with the extension you can open Scribd without having to download the file first.

Here it’s very easy, you just need one click, all the files will be opened. So, here’s the tutorial

How to open locked scribd for free without uploading


Option 1 *Must use chrome

Download files here

– download the file, click Download crx file from Google CDN
– have you downloaded it? open google chrome > menu icon > More tools > Extensions

or address:


– continue to just drag the file earlier to chrome

Click Add Extension

Option 2 Use Mozilla
Open doors – Scribd pages reveal


How to open

Note: Don’t log in to your Scribd account first, because if logging in doesn’t work, just sign out ok

1. First you open Chrome and please install the script extension above first

2. Then click add to Chrome and wait for the installation to finish

3. Then open the scribd and you stay click the extension logo the

4. Then later the file will open

Later all of that will be open

Method 2:


With just 1 click, you can directly open all the files you want to see. This extension is very powerful for those of you who want to and don’t know I File scribd without having to download and immediately watch Live directly.

because there are many reps, okay, I’ll make a thread for it. the thread is short, because it’s really easy, just download the extension

you don’t need to ba bi, here, click directly, please download. surely you know how to download the extension

this extension only removes the blur, right, on scribd, isn’t all pages blurred, certain parts are missing, it can’t be seen using this extension. but I think it’s enough to help check the first page

but for those who want to download it can also be downloaded, if you want the full version, here scribddownloader. Copy the link, paste it on the website. Verify bot human, already downloaded as pdf or docx

Okay, so many articles on how to open a locked Scribd for free without uploading. Hopefully with this tutorial this time it can help all of you to get and view the blurred Scribd file for free. If you have any questions, please comment in the comments column below. Thank you


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