How to Monetize YouTube Channels Without Adsense

IT People Blog – In today’s era there are many people who are interested in using the YouTube Channel as a source of income. Understandably, thanks to Adsense, YouTube videos that are trending and have a number of viewers will get paid.

However, there are still several ways to monetize YouTube Channels without adsense ads. So this alternative can be the right choice for creators whose Channels do not meet the criteria for submitting Adsense Monetization because they have not reached 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of broadcast to earn income in other ways.

Of course, not many understand how to use YouTube to earn income without Adsense Ads. Here are some ways to monetize the 2022 YouTube Channel without using Adsense that many YouTube account owners have recently done.

Using Adrev

Using Adrev

The first way to monetize YouTube with 1000+ subscribers without Google Adsense is by using Adrev. Actually this is not much different from Google Adsense, in essence the more people who watch your YouTube videos, the more money you pay.

So you need to attract the attention of a number of viewers through the creation of interesting content on YouTube.

The main requirement to become an Adrev partner is to upload some music content on your YouTube channel that has been registered with Adrev. Later, from the number of viewers of the content, Adrev will calculate how much money will be paid to the channel owner.

Not only that, in general there are several requirements for using Adrev that publishers must understand. These conditions include the following.

  • Profit sharing is 70:30 so that YouTube channel owners must understand how much profit they are part of and how much is part of Adrev.
  • For monetization of a YouTube Channel, a minimum of 500 visits per day is required. Only then is the channel considered worthy to cooperate with Adrev and get profit sharing.
  • If you want to withdraw some funds that enter the YouTube channel, a minimum search of US $ 10 which can be transferred via PayPal. So channel owners must have a PayPal account to receive payments

Using VidGenX

Using VidGenX

Next, for those who are curious about what YouTube 2022 monetization will look like without using Google Adsense Ads, try VidGenX. This service started its work on YouTube since 2015 until now it is increasingly recognized by YouTube channel owners as a way to earn money from YouTube that is no less profitable.

Not only does VidGenX turn your YouTube channel into an automatic money-making machine, but VidGenX also offers a variety of interesting services to try. Because this service provides more than 300 thousand royalty-free music and more than 250 thousand sound effects that can be uploaded to attract the attention of your YouTube channel viewers.

Therefore, it is not surprising that VidGenX is one of the best alternatives for those who want to earn more through their YouTube channel. If you are interested in using the service, don’t forget to find out what the conditions are for YouTube channel owners.

  • The first is 95% profit sharing, and the minimum withdrawal requirement of US $ 1 can be via PayPal, WebMoney, Yandex, and several other payment alternatives.

With a variety of payment options and much smaller withdrawal terms, it’s no wonder that this service is loved by many YouTube channel owners. There’s nothing wrong with partnering with the VidGenX service to earn more money from your YouTube content.

Using Fullscreenmedia

Using Fullscreenmedia

One way to get money from YouTube that is no less popular is using Fullscreenmedia. Many do not know that Fullscreenmedia itself is not only focused on YouTube monetization. This service also provides an opportunity for most YouTube channels to develop into more advanced ones in the future.

This does not escape the various kinds of interesting services provided by Fullscreenmedia. For those who decide to use Fullscreenmedia, YouTube channel owners will get double benefits in the form of video optimization, a music library with more than 500 thousand royalty-free music options, to various sound effects and effective and efficient video uploading features on YouTube.

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There are several things that YouTube channel owners should know. In general, Fullscreenmedia asks for several important requirements that must be met by YouTube channel owners as follows:

  • YouTube channel owners are required to contract with Fullscreenmedia for 2 years.
  • The profit sharing obtained is 80:20.
  • The content uploaded on the YouTube channel is original content which is not an infringement of any copyright.
  • Funds that can be withdrawn from the minimum balance are US$50 and can only be withdrawn via PayPal.

Using Makerstudios

Using Makerstudios

No less effective than other advertising services, Makerstudios has been proven to be able to monetize Youtube Channels. This service is also widely known in cyberspace as the Disney Digital Network. With this big name alone, it is enough to prove that this service promises attractive benefits for YouTube channel owners who are members of it.

Markerstudios doesn’t just help monetize your YouTube channel. This service also provides a number of interesting features that can make more visitors come to watch your YouTube videos. No wonder Makerstudios helps video owners to showcase great content.

As with other monetization alternatives, there are a few requirements to be aware of. If you are interested in using this service, you should meet several important requirements below.

  • The amount of profit sharing received is 60:40.
  • There are no special requirements for the amount of traffic requested, so any YouTube channel can use the Makerstudios service.
  • Can only make balance withdrawals via PayPal.

Those are some ways to monetize YouTube Channels without Adsense that are no less profitable. At least try some alternative advertising services first, who knows, they can trigger your enthusiasm to continue working. Thus more sources of income can be obtained and not become a servant of Adsense like most other failed youtubers.



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