How to manually create a table of contents in MS Word

1. Open Microsoft Word on the computer, please create a table of contents manually by typing the heading title in each discussion tag

Bring up the ruler (how to click the view tab > check the ruler box)

2. After that block the headings from the introduction to the bibliography

Open the home tab > in the paragraph city there is an arrow pointing down > please click

3. After the paragraph popup opens > click the tabs button to enter the tabs settings

4. In the tab stop position, we will limit the number of points to the length of the ruler 15

Then in the leader section select the format of the dots number 2

Save settings

5. Hover over the introductory sentence then press the TABS button on your keyboard

6. The result will look like the picture below where the number of dots will appear until the ruler’s length limit is 15

Do it manually on the preface, table of contents, list of pictures, to attachments

7. Finally, you just have to number it according to the page… it’s easy, right ^_^


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