How to Make Your Own Mobile Wallpaper with Canva


This HP wallpaper is not only used for the aesthetic appearance of the screen on the HP / Smartphone so that it is pleasing to the eyes of others when borrowing your cellphone. This cellphone wallpaper can make a unique identity so that there are some people who can easily recognize your cellphone if they find your cellphone somewhere when you lose your cellphone.

You can make your own cellphone wallpaper display according to your visual art creativity that will be applied to your smartphone or cellphone. For example, you make a cellphone wallpaper display about subjects, abstracts, romance, and other creativity while using assets or design works that do not violate copyright.

The author provides a tutorial for making your own cellphone wallpaper using Canva, where you don’t need graphic design skills to create your own cellphone wallpaper display, because there are already many assets such as vectors, logos, icons, backgrounds, and other assets that can be modified to produce an HP Wallpaper display that fits on your smartphone.


1. Visit the site Canva.

2. Log in or sign in correctly and correctly. Wait for some time until the dashboard display appears.

3. Type “Phone Wallpaper” (without quotes) in the search field in Canva, press Enter.

4. Click Create a blank Phone Wallpaper to create a new HP Wallpaper display.

5. Name the HP Wallpaper title according to your needs, press Enter.

6. Click Backgrounds.

7. Choose the background image that you want to include in the HP Wallpaper.

8. Click Elements to create an HP Wallpaper display that fits your creativity. For example, creations themed love.

9. Here are the results after making creations to make the HP Wallpaper display.

10. Click Download >>> Choose File type “PNG” or “JPG” >>> Download.

11. Here are the results after downloading the HP Wallpaper file earlier.


After downloading the HP Wallpaper file from Canva into a computer or laptop, it can be moved or copied to a cellphone or smartphone using File Transfer via Remote.


You can make your own cellphone wallpaper easily and practically by using Canva which can produce a cellphone wallpaper that can be used on a cellphone or smartphone. The appearance of this cellphone wallpaper can add to the aesthetic appearance of your cellphone or smartphone screen.

In addition, this HP Wallpaper has another function, namely to create a unique HP screen display identity that can make it easier to find your cellphone that is lost at any time because you provide a different HP Wallpaper display from the others.


The wallpaper display in this article is not suitable for HP users with small screen sizes such as non-Android Nokia cellphones, regular cellphones, or folding cellphones. This is because the HP screen display does not have the Stretch feature, causing an unresponsive display of the HP Wallpaper when applied to a regular cellphone such as a non-Android Nokia.


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