How to make whatsmock look like real whatsapp

How to make whatsmock look like real whatsapp – How to make a fake chat or fake chat on whatsapp is actually very simple. If you often encounter fake WhatsApp chat screenshots, you can also make your own.

We certainly know that WhatsApp is a very popular chat or instant messaging application. Almost all smartphone users use the WhatsApp application as a communication service.

Recently, a lot of memes have created fake chats that look a lot like WhatsApp. Due to its popularity, some people create fake chats on whatsapp as entertainment. For example, it’s like chatting on WhatsApp with a fairly well-known artist, and they send each other funny and interesting chats.

But, of course that couldn’t be the case, and all the chats were fake. If you want to create your own fake chat on WhatsApp, you’ve come to the right place. Because here we will discuss making whatsmock display looks like the original whatsapp.

To create a fake chat on whatsapp, we don’t need 2 numbers or 2 accounts. Because we can use certain applications.

How to make whatsmock look like real whatsapp



1. The main display if you just installed it, it must be like this

How to Make Whatsmock Display Looks Like Real Whatsapp - How to make a fake chat or fake chat on whatsapp is actually very simple.

After changing:

2. You change it with click the three dots in the top right corner, then click WhatsMock Editor

3. After that, you change the contact screen in the WhatsApp (WhatsMock) writing section, just click on it just click then replace

Now that you’ve moved to the side, change the conversation, just click the same as before.

Before After

This is the result so that it’s neater when editing, and you don’t need to change it one by one in roomchat because it’s been changed automatically via WhatsMock Editor earlier. Pretty similar to the original WA, right?

Thank you for reading my confusion article, hopefully it will be useful xixiWoman gesturing ok

Here’s the text:

English Ver: Messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted. No one outside of this chat, not even WhatsApp, can read or listen to them. Tap to learn more.

Indonesian Ver: End-to-end encrypted messages and calls. No one outside this chat, including WhatsApp, can read or listen to it. Tap for more info.

This way the chat looks like the original content of the chat on whatsapp. Of course this is just for fun, like fake chat with the name of a famous artist. But not a few people who take advantage of this for bad things. So you can be careful in understanding the information.

Everyone knows WhatsApp is a modern communication tool. It turns out that apart from that, this application can also be a form of entertainment for people who often surf in cyberspace. The trick is to create a fake chat on WhatsApp without or using an application.

A few ways to make whatsmock look like the original whatsapp.


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