How to make the link quote retweet thread not appear

How To Make The QRT Retweet Thread Quote Link Not Appear – Unlike Facebook, we can easily copy or copy someone’s tweet and send it to others, or share it with other social media accounts that we have. Unlike Facebook, there are still many people who don’t know how to get a status link on Facebook.

Even though Twitter doesn’t have as many users as Facebook and Instagram, I’m sure my discussion this time will be useful. Besides having to know how to quote on Twitter, you also have to know how to copy tweet links on Twitter.

Twitter now supports creating threads in the timeline. Well, we will discuss how to worship on Twitter or make tweets continuously.

One of the things people often do on Twitter is write cult or serial tweets. In the past, Twitter users have used their own tricks to do this.

First, let’s discuss what that means. thread is short for speaking via twitter

Although Twitter has increased the character count of tweets to 280, sometimes that’s not enough if you want to cover a topic. Using certain hashtags doesn’t always work either. May be interrupted by other users using the same hashtag, or other users are not aware of the hashtag.

How to Make the Quote Link (QRT) Retweet Thread Not Appear

Hello aesthetic fans who love it when the QRT link appears in the thread

Relax. We’ve found a powerful way to keep your thread free from all of that and it works for any device. No discrimination

1. you first enter the site “tweetdeck“In the browser (I’m using chrome) here’s the link”

2. after you enter the tweetdeck:

pict 1 initial view of the site. So when you’re logged in, tap the three dots in the upper right corner ( ), then scroll down until you find the option “desktop mode

How to make the link quote retweet thread not appear

after desktop mode, the display will change to wide

for those whose initial appearance is like pict 1, you have to login first (I suggest logging in to twitter via the web). after logging back in again to the tweetdeck site 😀

3. Oh yes, first of all, send the thread and tweet that you want to qrt (sorry I forgot T__T) and send it to your dm. if i send dm to my own account ^o^

then the site will appear like this. you just swipe the site to the left, until you find the dm place. If you’ve found it, tap on the account that was sent to the thread and tweet earlier (after tapping it looks like pict 2)

4. After that, first tap on the tweet link that you want to qrt, if it’s on me, I’ve marked this link. what is clicked is not a thread link, but a tweet link that you want to qrt. do not be Wrong

5. This is the tweet that I want to qrt after being tapped

after that you rt the tweet you want to qrt. the display after qrt is like pict 2, then you select (retweet with comment)

now this is what it looks like after retweeting with comments. (don’t tweet just yet!)

You go back to the dm that you sent the thread and tweet links to, then click on the thread link you want to qrt

if the link is my thread, it’s marked with an emoji

6. After clicking the thread link, it looks like the first arrow. then you click reply and it looks like the second arrow. don’t forget to add a caption for the qrt, okay? and lastly, you guys tweet ^o^

tara! the result is like this. btw, my tweet link was blank text, so it looks like that

you don’t get it wrong!

the first to click the tweet you want to qrt, then click the retweet with comment option. then don’t tweet right away. you have to dm first to click the thread link, then click reply. don’t forget to add a caption and finally tweet it!

that’s more or less the way to make the qrt thread link not appear. btw, this method is from Sis Noya’s tutorial! just say thank you to sis noya

I’m just here to re-share and try the way, sis noya

You can copy a tweet link on Twitter in several ways. But the example I’m going to cover and give this time is the easiest way to understand, if not the fastest way.

I’ll be demonstrating this method using the Twitter app on Android. If you use the Twitter web, the method is the same. After successfully copying the tweet link, all you have to do is share it.

Here’s how to copy a tweet link, tweet URL, or tweet address on Twitter. But before continuing, you can read some of the other discussions I’ve discussed. I am sure this discussion will be very useful for you.

That’s How To Make The Retweet Thread Quote Link Not Appear


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