How to Make Money Writing Novels Online

How to Make Money Writing Novels Online – hello! I write in an application called stary writing (this is specifically for writing) if you want to read the innovel and dreame

Before applying for a contract, we apply a synopsis. So, to apply for the synopsis, there are two stages. the first stage we apply to the editor.

Later, he will read our synopsis and judge whether the synopsis we have applied is appropriate or not for submission to the center. If you think it’s inappropriate (for example, the market plot or the climax is not interesting) then we are allowed to revise the synopsis or send a new one.

If, for example, we pass, we will advance to the second stage, which is to apply the synopsis to the center. this we apply in the application or web STARY WRITING. I’ve never passed the selection stage for the editor’s brother so I don’t know what if for example our story doesn’t pass at this central stage.

So, for example, if you have passed the central selection, we will apply for a contract here. Later we will give you personal data, details of our story, etc. Then when you’re done, you get an email for a contract. If everything is clear, then you can get a salary.

For time estimation, this is according to my experience. Proof of payment:

How to Make Money Writing Novels Online

How to Make Money Writing Novels Online

*Download the application:




List Tutorials:

*Here, I’m an example of a StaryWriting list, for other applications, you can register yourself, it’s easy.

1. Sign up first link here & for example continue with google

2. Then you click new story +

3. And please make a cover story for the novel, for example like this:

4. Fill everything down and click save

5. Done, just tinker with yourself, guys, because there are so many features.

6. If you have already written, please submit and the following is the selection stage:

A. The selection stage for the editor’s brother depends on the older brother, whether he is busy or not. I’ve only had a week to get a reply whether or not it was accepted. but yesterday the new synopsis that I sent took up to a month to get a response.

B. Central selection. 2-3 weeks and you have to be diligent in checking because you can’t get an email

C. Apply for a contract, usually 2-3 weeks later, you just get an email, but some have received a reply in 2 days

I’ve finished 1 novel and got a total of around 7 million. but again, this is not fast, before payday you also have to wait another month. Now I’m waiting for the 250 dollar liquid

JUST A REMINDER: Please, if you want to write on a platform like this, you must really want to write, not just writing for the sake of money. There have been many incidents of platforms changing regulations because writers cheated (such as uploading repeated chapters, etc.) to fulfill the word count.

I also said yes, this is not a quick way to get money. Enjoy the process, the money will flow on its own.

If the platform has changed the regulations because the author cheated, sometimes other writers end up being affected. Then, please don’t write pornliteracy, aka pornographic writing. 18+ theme whatever but no porn. Care for Indonesian literacy.

This is especially for people who like and are passionate about writing novels, guys.


1. I don’t have a script for a story like that… but it’s only part, if for example I apply the synopsis first, can it be done? Or do I have to finish all the stories I made first?

answer: that’s right bro. If you submit a synopsis, it can be rejected, so it’s better not to make a story first, because it’s a shame if you wrote it but it turned out to be rejected.

Synopsis here is the character, plot, strengths of your story, etc

2. Is this a novel in Indonesian, right? Are there language restrictions?

Answer: can you

3. So in total, how long did it take to get as much as 7 million? Is that the time to publish the story too? continue to publish it all at once or gradually?

Answer: if calculated from the beginning of the synopsis application process, it will be 8 months. but when uploading the story + waiting for the money to be disbursed for about 4 months

4. The genre is free, right?

Answer: it’s free. As long as the plot you make is interesting and the sample chapter you deposit is good, it’s definitely in the acc

Some Ways to Get Money from Writing Novels Online


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