How to Make Money from School and College Notes

How to Make Money from School and College Notes – Additional Income for Students & College Students, do you know that your school notes/summaries or lecture notes can be used as money? Its sounds good right? Instead of your notes being unemployed or just being opened again every time there is an exam, it’s better to make additional income, it’s good for snacks or for saving.

So at first I idly searched on google “How do I get paid just by selling my study notes” and found several websites for selling school/college notes. When I’m not busy, I often search on Google and sometimes I find things that I think are interesting,

but all this time I just kept it to myself or I just told my close friends. But I think it might be useful for many people if I share it on Twitter. Okay, I think that’s enough preamble, let’s move on to the main point of this thread.

First of all, if someone asks, do you really want to buy school/college notes?

Yes, there are, and many.

Usually those who buy notes fall into one of the following 3 types:

1. People who are lazy,

2. Ambitious students/students who are looking for additional material for study materials, or

3. Students/students in exam season.

Okay, I’ll just go ahead and recommend some websites that can sell study notes.

How to Make Money from School and College Notes

1. Stuvia

In addition to notes, this Stuvia website you can also sell material summaries, essays, papers and even study guides too. In Stuvia you can determine how much you want to install per document.

The stuvia website pays for records or documents per download. The average money you can earn per document is $8.90, and the average monthly earnings is $103.

Stuvia website link:

2. Nexus Notes

Unlike Stuvia, which pays per document sold, on the Nexus Notes website there is a subscription system, so the income depends on how many people see your notes. In Nexus Notes you can upload notes, study tips, material summaries, etc

There are actually two options for how your notes are paid for in Nexus Notes:

1. You are paid with money depending on the number of people who see the document you uploaded, or

2. You can access other people’s records and documents.

Nexus Notes website link:

3. Docmerit

On the Docmerit website, you can set the selling price yourself and you get 85% of the selling price. Docmerit recommends that the right time to sell your notes is during the exam season, because there are a lot of students and college students

who are looking for additional material to prepare for their exams, you can also share notes or documents that you sell on Docmerit to social media so that more people will see or are interested in buying your notes.

Docmerit website link:

4. Studypool

The Studypool website itself states that you can earn $5,000 per month from selling notes, study guides, study tips, exam materials and other documents. Unlike some previous websites, you can’t set the price for the notes you want to sell.

Studypool sells each note for $10 and gets paid per download, so the more people who download the more you earn. What makes Studypool different from other record trading websites is that you can also become a tutor and earn even more money.

Usually the job of a tutor in Studypool is to help answer questions (more or less like Brainly) but the answer must be correct and not awkward. To apply as a tutor, you also have to take a test to determine whether you are eligible or not.

Studypool website link:

You can upload your notes even though they are in Indonesian, although on average on the web that I mentioned above, most people upload in English. The payment system is via paypal, so make sure you have a paypal account.

Creating a paypal account is very easy, you only need an email and an ID number.

Even though the website itself says you can earn hundreds to thousands of dollars, again how many of your records have been sold, if it’s a little, it’s clear that it’s impossible to get hundreds of dollars.

Just like a shopee affiliate, you won’t get much if you only buy a little So remember, selling notes can be an additional income, but it can’t be used as a main income let alone make you rich.

Actually, there are many websites for buying and selling notes, but those are the only 4 that I’ve ever tried.

A few tips for those interested in selling their notes:

1. Records that usually sell quickly are records of biochemistry, microbiology, nursing, management, business, and engineering.

2. Notes in digital form sell faster than conventional notes (handwritten).

3. Make sure your notes are neat so that apart from not making you dizzy, they also look more attractive.

4. Make an interesting and persuasive description of your notes,

Usually on some websites you have to fill in a description when you want to upload notes or documents. You explain what is discussed in your notes or documents as creatively as possible to attract people to download/buy your notes.

Thank you, hope it’s useful

Question session:

1. What apk is that in, bro?


It can be converted into a doc or pdf, in MS Word or WPS Office, as long as the notes are neat, at least a lot of people will see it, if the notes are messy, let alone downloading people, sometimes they are lazy.

If you want it on a laptop, you can use notion or an application to make other notes

If it can be decorated a little, but the decoration should not be too distracting so that it is not crowded. If you want, I can also provide pictures that have something to do with the material, for example, biological notes about mushrooms, you can also include pictures of mushrooms.

Some Ways to Make Money from School and College Notes.


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