How to make money from online pesugihan, just at home

Welcome to the IT People Blog. For the millennial generation who live in the era of current technological developments, they must be able to participate in gaining profits from the internet, not only as a source of income for other people from the content you see.

There are many content creators and freelancers who have managed to get rupiah coffers by utilizing the internet, I think you can also make millions to tens of millions from home online

Even without capital, you don’t need to maintain tuyul or provide sacrifices. The capital you need to make money through online gambling is just an internet connection, digital devices (mobile/laptop) and loose change skills.

How to make money from pesugihan online

Here are the 5 easiest ways to get money through online gambling without the need to get out of capital, just from home;

1. Manage social media profiles

The first way to earn money from the internet is by building social media profiles such as YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. You need to determine the topic first, think about how to make money from there, whether through selling products/opening services, etc., then updating interesting content, either in the form of photos or videos on a regular basis until the number of followers who meet the requirements to submit a collaboration proposal is collected.

No need to think too highly, just live the activity/hobby that you like even if it’s just fishing. From here you can make various settings so that your content looks interesting for followers to follow.

When the number of followers reaches thousands, that’s when endorsement offers, product reviews, content placements and monetization of accounts with various advertising networks will come every day.

You must be very aware when you see the rows of popular content that enter on fyip youtube, tiktok, they are new people not famous artists who have very many followers. It’s not too late to start now!

2. Become an article writer

In the early days of being a blogger, the availability of information in Indonesian on the internet was still very limited, I still remember very well at that time there were only 3 blogs that discussed “Backlink Spam”, what about now? almost everyone has a personal blog and that’s why they need the services of a content writer

A blog needs content that is always up-to-date in order to continue to exist on the internet, let’s look at examples of some old blogs that used to be successful, now they have lost competition with new blogs with fresher content.

For example, Mastekno is now changing to teknoinside, remoxp, bagas31, anneahira, helmykediri, etc., all of which have drowned in their content on the internet with new blogs that keep popping up.

The criteria for the writers themselves are divided into several levels, yup, the market beginner level is on freelance sites such as project.coid, facebook groups, small blogs and so on.

Medium level writers can produce SEO Friendly quality articles that are friendly to search engines and human readers, articles like this contain several important keywords that have been optimized to be able to compete on the first page of Google, increase blog traffic and are written in a good language style.

This high-level writer has been around the world in his writings in national media, printed magazines, or maybe opening a writing class. The jobs come from well-known brands

The price comparison for the beginner level is usually IDR 25,000 per 1,000 words, the medium level often talks about SEO, SEO is per 1000 words the price is IDR 45,000 – 75,000, while for this master level, the article is written in the type of SEO plus Copy Writing Sells Later per 1,000 the word can be Rp.300,000 – 800,000

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As a first step, you may need to take a writer’s course and get some certificates, then write in well-known media such as tribunnews-duniarakyat free version as a warganet/retizen, you can also send writings to jalantikus-helmykediri-babe. at learn to review well-known brands, after becoming a portfolio, then send a cooperation proposal to the company’s website so that the salary is more stable

3. Selling the affiliate method

Affiliation itself is a collaboration for the sale of products and services aka revenue sharing. So you are in charge of promoting a product or service through a special affiliate link, if a purchase occurs then you get a commission from every sale

To become an affiliate, you don’t need capital because we offer other people’s products or goods, it’s also free, you don’t have to pay to become a member and so on, so it’s perfect for those of you who have a lot of friends to offer products that they might like.

There are many online stores that provide an affiliate system, usually the shop owner will provide a special purchase link and also a discount coupon so that when a purchase occurs, you will definitely make a profit without the need to increase the price. In addition, in the affiliate program there is also a referral alias someone who joins as an affiliate through your link so that he becomes a subordinate.

You can spread purchase links, join links as referrals to various social media platforms that you have. This method is claimed to be the fastest way to make money through online gambling than other methods.

If you are a pro, you can upgrade your skills by learning how to advertise on the various social media platforms you have, create your own landing page and so on.

4. Selling photos and videos

Suitable for those of you who like to take photos either through cellphone cameras or digital cameras, as well as video editing services, I think they are very popular because the interaction video content is much more attention-grabbing than this boring text-based content.

Collect the best photos and videos made by yourself, then sell them on relevant sites such as shutterstock, openSEA and so on

Services for making caricature photos, cartoons are also selling well in the market. The target consumer is very broad, combing school children to companies. For your own price, you are free to determine because graphic design and video editing services are known to be expensive, so your efforts to learn will not be in vain

Many cases of people resign from work and focus on selling their photos on photo buying and selling sites. Of course the photos you buy have full copyright where you as the owner are free to take down other people if they participate in posting your photos without permission.

5. Open an online shop

The next online pesugihan proven to make money is to open an online shop by stocking home-based business products, both owned by yourself and neighbors, you can also sell goods from other online stores whose prices have been compared with price comparison sites to maximize profits.

Process payments through payment gateways, supports e-account merchants such as neo bank, paylater, paypal, payoneer, links and so on.

We live in an all-digital era, there are various payment options we can choose from. The advantage of building an online store is that the audience reach is wider than an offline store.

You can target buyers from various platform sources, support payment gateways and be more secure. There have been many successful people who have made tens of millions by selling baby squid chili sauce in their own online shop

Now you already have an idea how to make money online right? oh yes, don’t believe in the teachings of the unseen sholawat, fortune-taking, which says if you practice it, you can get money transfers from other ATMs, it’s definitely 100% bullshit

We recommend that you work for sure, can be a blogger, content creator, affiliate, graphic design and so on. Make sure to give the best to customers



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