How to Make Instagram Stories Smooth Like iPhone

How to Make Instagram Story Android Smooth Like iPhone – How to make an Android camera like an iPhone – Pixel 6 series has been approved smoothly at 60fps, Ipon passes (based on stories wasawirman). s22 ultra is also smooth on all tech influencers trying to make stories. One way is to make sure the High Quality Upload feature from Instagram is active. It’s in settings -> Account -> Data Usage. Because even on the iPhone, the videos are often compressed because this feature is off.

Android has many models and brands. So app developers can’t optimize to the device level. So if you want a good camera phone or a bad one on IG, it’s likely to be considered the same. while even that’s the model. developer apps can optimize the feature set more.

because if you don’t get support from ig, it will still break. The ig story IP13 video bitrate is at 2.9mbps, the s22 series is at 3.1mbps, and other unsupported cellphones are only at 1 to 1.7mbps. The higher the bitrate, the better the picture will be.

that’s why in my opinion, your compressed video will have no effect on the ig upload results. for example, you record 1080p, the video bitrate is 10-15 mbps. then you compress it so it’s only 3mbps, then you upload it… yes it will have an effect

because even though the bitrate is only 3mbps, your unsupported cellphone can only upload videos with a bitrate of 1 to 1.7mbps. So yeah… you’ve compressed it manually, when you upload it, it’s compressed again with Instagram.

I tried to compress it first with the settings recommended by the thread above. the original bitrate is 36mbps, so only 2.5mbps is left. Then I uploaded and I downloaded the story again, the result? so good.

Actually what I know is not from his cellphone, it was from his own Instagram. Everything under the auspices of Meta, if you upload a video or photo, it must be compressed quite well. But it’s not wrong to try this method, or you can buy a flagship too. Is your choice.

I prefer to make a story using a regular camera first and then upload it to the instastory. Even if you use an iPhone, that’s because the camera quality on IG isn’t that good, in my opinion.

How to Make Instagram Stories Smooth and Smooth on Android

I have tried this method and it works well.

Method 1: Smart Compress

*Tips: Change the record to 60 FPS (if supported)

How to Make Instagram Stories Smooth Like iPhone

1. Open Instagram > Settings > Account > Data Usage > High Quality Uploads

How to Make Instagram Stories Smooth Like iPhone

2. Download the application “Smart Video Compressor” on the Play Store.

How to Make Instagram Stories Smooth Like iPhone

3. If you have entered the application. Open the video that you will upload on Instagram Stories. Adjust the duration until 15 seconds.

How to Make Instagram Stories Smooth Like iPhone

4. Then select the dimensions 1080×1920compressing speed on medium, then quality 20% just.

5. Then all you have to do is upload it on Instagram Stories. See the results…

Method 2: Use Instander

How to Make Instagram Stories Smooth Like iPhone

1. Download instanter Here (Choose the most recent top)

2. Login

3. Go to instantaneous settings

3. Quality improvement

4. Checklist all

APK Instander is an Instamod developed for Android devices to help Instagram users get access to additional useful features that can help solve the above problems. This app allows you to gain access to your Instagram account via its platform as an alternative to the basic IG app. In return, you get the best social experience through the amazing features unlocked from the official app.

Thedis developer (Dmitry Gavrilov) designed this as safe as possible and an app that guarantees the user a great browsing experience without the risk of being banned from using the mod as it comes pre-installed with effective and professional anti-ban properties.

There is a difference much better?

if the method I only use is the default camera application (video/photo) abjs, upload it from the gallery, give it a filter later, it won’t break and I’m much sharper, I’ll find out, Instagram really compresses video files from Android. Moreover, Android, there are various sizes. As a result, the video file is really compressed, even though we take it using High Resolution.

If the latest android release is already good, how come the quality of the IG Story is, just upload it indirectly from the cellphone camera, not from IG directly with high settings & the stabilizer is definitely smooth, I use S20 FE, many people think it’s an Iphone

A few ways to make Instagram stories smooth like an iPhone


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