How to Make Fake SBMPTN Announcement Results

How to Make Fake SBMPTN SNMPTN Announcement Results | SBMPTN Generator How to Make a Fake SBMPTN Generator, How to Make SBMPTN Pass Results Fake Generator (fake), fake SBMPTN generator – On this occasion we would like to give a tutorial on how to make a fake SBMPTN pass using an online website generator. By using the SBMPTN generator you can make your parents proud, because later you will be thought to have passed the SBMPTN hehe

In principle, what we need to emphasize here, the SBMPTN is not a selection process that can be quantified, in this process it can be said that nothing is certain to pass or definitely not pass. If this SBMPTN is likened to a card game, then the card that becomes your “capital” is
(1) the value of your report card so far
(2) your respective school index

which two things have already happened and cannot be changed. It’s just how you play the cards to choose the PTN and major you want or have a great chance of being accepted.

Like in a card game, you can’t really know what kind of competition is going on in the PTN major you’re aiming for. you won’t know how much and how well your opponents score (read: other SBMPTN competitors). So basically, you will never know exactly how many chances to pass. But even though it’s like that, it doesn’t mean you really suck at it.

The first thing that you should understand if you want to maximize the evaluation of the SBMPTN is that you should know what is being evaluated at the SBMPTN. So far, many think that the SBMPTN is just improving the score of report cards, so many schools are increasing their KKM scores or “raising” their students’ scores. Many kids from school in the middle of nowhere have a Physics or Economics score of 95 or close to 100.

So, if it’s not the report card value, what is the evaluation of the SBMPTN?

Schools have different standards regarding grades. Some have high standards, some have low standards. There are also those who used to be stingy in giving grades, but since the SBMPTN applies the value of report cards, the values ​​are on sale. So that, if PTN only looks at the value of report cards, of course students who pass have not been selected fairly. From that, in addition to the value of the report card, other elements are also considered, namely: the school index. In other words, PTNs, apart from looking at the values ​​in the report cards, will also look at who issued the report cards.

How to Make a Fake SBMPTN Pass Generator

But it’s complicated, no one knows the results of the SBMPTN, consider it a bonus.

For those of you who refuse SBMPTN, just relax, there are still SBMPTN, independent, private. but to entertain yourself here we will provide the following SBMPTN pass generator:

Input the data

No. Registration

— 1234567890 —

No. SBMPTN registration: 10 digits, printed on the SBMPTN participant card.

Don’t have an SBMPTN card? Just fill it up, bro, don’t worry, the number will be censored :v

Student’s name


NISN (National Student Identification Number)

— 9991234000 —

School Origin




PTN name


Study Program Name

PTN Website


PTN website address. Example:

Date of birth


date (1-31) / Mo. (1-12) / Year

How to Make SBMPTN Announcement Results ==>> Here

A few ways to make a fake SBMPTN generator, hopefully it’s useful


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