How to Make Bot Commit And Auto Push Github Automatically

How to Make Bot Commit And Auto Push Github Automatically – I want to use git to log all changes to a file. Is there a way to make git’commit’ happen automatically every time a file is updated-so there’s a new commit for every change to the file?

Ideally, I’d like the user not to notice that git is running in the background. Then the user can potentially “undo” changes to the file-this can be done by extracting an older version of git.

I think the general basic knowledge you should know to create CI is understanding triggers and how they work. The trigger is the code that determines when to execute the CI, and the job is the job that will be executed when the rules in the trigger are met. So if you want to run this code, it’s true again. Since I want to test first, I just need to add a trigger to suppress it again

How To Make Auto Commit Bot And Auto Push Github Automatically

AUTO COMMIT and Auto Push To Github, How To Run It?

Download here

  1. Create a private Access Token from your github account ( [minimum: izin repo]
  2. open config.php
  3. Fill in $username = your github username
  4. Fill $token with your personal access token
  5. php run.php
  6. wait until the program is finished

Made multiple github account commits

read the read to get a personal access token

After getting the access token, edit the config.php file

fill in the username and token

before connecting it would be nice to connect the pc with github with the following command

$ git config –global “your github”

$ git config –global “yourusernamegithub”

next run sc nya

let’s farming commit

Note: Commit properly, for example 200/day, next commit tomorrow if you want to auto commit without running manually use this

edit cron job 5 4 * * * (every 1 pm ) or as needed.

How to get access token

– Open settings

– Developer settings

– select Personal Access Token

– Generate new tokens

– The contents of the note are up to you

– Expiration select No Expiration

– Tick all, Generate token

– Save the token

Tutor run autocommit via termux

– pkg update

– pkg upgrade -y

– pkg install git

– pkg install php -y

git clone

cd auto-commit-and-push-github

– nano config.php

– enter token & username

– git config –global “[email protected]” (use “)

– git config –global “your username” (use “, and not @)

– php run.php

– whatever you want to pull, it’s up to you to be free, I tested 10 thousand to enter the commit

Addition :

How to use nano if you want to move the cursor back press CTRL + b

Move the cursor press CTRL + F

sp4m words:

I’m studying in the engineering department, but now I want to work in the IT field. How to hone the skills, I learned to code a little bit from YouTube or learning coding platforms like coding and skill

This means that you have to make a plugin template from scratch, right, so that it looks exclusive and has lots of choices for customers. But the problem is that I don’t understand coding or how to make plugin templates

That’s How To Auto Commit And Auto Push Github Automatically


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