How to Make Boomerang Android Smooth Like iPhone

How to Make Android Boomerang Smooth Like an iPhone – Why is the Boomerang broken? How to keep the boomerang from breaking – Instagram is one of the most popular social media today. Almost everyone uses Instagram as a social media nowadays. Especially with millennial friends, definitely use Instagram. With Instagram, you can share happy moments in the form of photos or videos. With the boomerang feature, you can create unique photos.

Well, for Instagrammers, of course, my friend also knows the boomerang feature in the Instagram application. Boomerang is a popular feature in the Instagram app. Many Instagram social media users use the boomerang feature.

The Boomerang feature works in the Instagram app on Android or iPhone devices. However, Instagram Boomerang on Android doesn’t work as well as Instagram on iPhone. According to some users, Instagram iPhone boomerang function is smoother than Android Instagram.

For Android users, they will definitely feel how bad Instagram stories are, especially when making video stories, they often look ugly and even lag in stories.

Well, here we want to tell you how to solve it How to Make Boomerang Android Smooth Like iPhone.

How to Make Boomerang Android Smooth Like iPhone

Material: Capcut

I’m sorry if it’s messy, because this is the first time I’m making an article like this

1. Make sure to make a boomerang first on ig, make sure you hold down the icon until it’s finished, like this, (not push it straight away)

2. After the boomerang results come out, click the boomerang icon to the left of the text

select slowmo mode and press done / done

3. if it is set to slowmo, then turn on save/save before

4. open the app capcutclick new project/plus sign above it, then select the boomerang video to add it to the editing project

5. click the speed icon

> normal > set to 1.7×

6. if you have set the speed, swipe left from the options menu below, select the icon stabilizerWhat’s the indo version, just in the middle of the replace icon with the opacity,

after that set it to minimal cropping/recommended (as needed)

7. After that, just save

PS: if you want a longer duration, just copy the video, the icon is right there, it’s automatic, then save, so that’s it

If you want maximum results, try not to overdo the motion when recording a boomerang, so that when you speed it up, it won’t work

for iPhone users, that always looks smoother and looks good.

Because no matter how good an Android phone’s camera is, the result will never be better than an iPhone

Therefore, many Android users want to make a boomerang like the iPhone. Like the post title above

On Android itself, Instagram boomerang already brings several different effects, such as the trend setter feature, Snapchat, such as the Boomerang effect, which makes it easy to take mini videos by going back and forth loops.

A few ways to make Android Boomerang Smooth like an iPhone.


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