How to Make a Video of People Talking Presentation

How to Make a Video of People Talking Presentations – How to Make Ai (Artificial Intelligence) Videos on Android – Now there is Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that can bring news.

You know it’s not enough, but you can also try to make AI videos like this, try opening the video below and checking out the tutorial thread!

It’s not complicated to make, you can also do it from HP and it doesn’t take up to 5 minutes. Before continuing, make sure you’ve followed this account to get other interesting threads.

How to Make a Video of People Talking Presentation

Want to make artificial intelligence videos to fulfill your presentation or other needs? Want to convert your text into an attractive video format? Try the techniques below.

Because this tutorial will explain how to easily make AI (artificial intelligence) videos using Android phones. Today’s smartphones are more than just an ordinary communication tool. Mobile phones are also a tool that can instantly find all kinds of information according to the lifestyle of each of us.

The use of smart phones itself seems to be very close to human needs today. Until it is difficult to be separated from our lives.

The cellphones that we hold today do have many functions that we often use in daily activities. Due to the increasing demand and lifestyle in the market, there are many types and brands of smartphones that provide their respective functions.

How to Make a Video of People Talking Presentation

1. Okay! The first step, open the website!

So this is a website that can be generated into a video like the example in the first tweet. Bookmark it if you’re afraid to forget.

• Click “Create a free AI video

• Choose a Sales pitch template

• After that, just write the text you want to tell the ladies to read

• Click “continue”

2. Now, just fill in your name and email (because later the video will be sent via email).

3. Then, because you were asked where you got the info from, just answer it from Twitter. Lastly, fill in your country of origin. Just click “Generate Free Videos

4. Done, just wait a few minutes and later the video will be sent via email. Can you download it right away?

How about it, easy right? This technology is perfect for you to use to make videos for your product marketing, for example.

Just type like “Customers can buy delicious and cheap fried bananas from (your name), order now don’t run out”

Or for fun things like saying happy birthday to a friend, for example, just be creative.

The advancement of smart phones has made the development of video and animation content so rapid. As we all know, smartphones can fulfill various needs, including creating video and animation content.

These modern animated videos are not only used for viewing and entertainment. Turning to the current era, animation is widely used in promotional media as well as presentations and other needs. Creating your own animations is a bit tricky, but thanks to Android, we can make it a lot easier. Creating animated talking videos is not easy.

By using the deepfake AI technology provided on the website, the text that you turn into an animated video will become more interesting.

That’s How to Make a Video of People Talking Presentations


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