How to Make a Twitter Dm Button Send A Private Message

How to Make a Twitter Dm Button Send A Private Message – Twitter has launched DM Cards that can be used to promote and share user experiences with their products

Twitter allows you to speed up user service by using DMs created using the Twitter API or third parties. To encourage DMs, Twitter is also introducing DM Cards. These custom DM cards can be created in two different formats, image and video, and also contain up to 4 different CTAs (Call to Action). CTAs are very helpful in leading customers into DMs.

“Using a DM Card, you can grab people’s attention with an engaging, creative image or video, and include up to four fully customizable call-to-action buttons. Each call-to-action button leads the user into a DM

The DM Card is basically a specially designed unit. The DM Card includes a customizable menu of buttons that prompt users to click to start a conversation with your Customer Service (or advertiser), and share their user experiences privately in a DM (DM).

DM cards can be embedded with image or video creatives and include up to four call-to-action buttons.

Twitter has engaged several partners for this new feature including Patrón Tequila which uses it to get users to talk to its customer services.

How To Make Automatic Dm On Twitter Send A Private Message

1. So first thing, make sure that you enable ‘accept dm from anyone‘ is active, make sure your account is open dm. because if you don’t, then you can’t 🙁

the method?

settings and privacy > privacy and safety > direct messages > receive message request in check all yes!!

2. Then you can search for your numeric twitter ID

open this website

then enter your username, keep clicking [ Convert ]

then your twiiter id will come out example: 612311xxx

3. After that, you guys copy Twitter User ID
4. So don’t lose the user id
5. Now enter your sentence and user id, yes, sentences are free sentence&recipient_id=iDTwitterYOU

Space, replaced %20 Yes, because the link can’t use spaces, right?


Then so:

6. Now, just tweet
7. Click the tweet button

just tweet like this:

test test

8. Then later the button will appear under your tweet

So, you can use a DM Card. These changes will certainly help them engage with and understand their followers better, and the automation they provide will help them create a better and more efficient user service experience.

Why use Twitter DM DM Card:

– Encourage your audience to engage with your CS
– can be used to direct your audience to. specific in your conversation. For example “where to order”, or “how to contact us”

Twitter is a great tool for user service – when used properly Twitter makes it easier for developers to offer better customer service to users, so twitter made some updates to its DM feature. That’s a tutorial on How to Create a Tweet DM Button on Twitter, hopefully it’s useful.

Hopefully How to Make a DM button SEND A PRIVATE MESSAGE Tweet is useful.


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