How to Make a Song Look Like Spotify (Fake Spotify)

How to Make a Song Look Like Spotify (Fake Spotify) – Hello everyone, welcome to the tutorial, today I want to make a tutorial on how to make a song display like Spotify, not too similar, only this can be used in your stories that require a song display without having to upload it directly to Spotify.

As the leading streaming music platform, Spotify continues to innovate. It’s not just about refreshing music and podcast content, some features are constantly changing. This is not the only update, Spotify got another update around a year ago.

Spotify users can access their favorite content faster and easier, and even discover new content right from the home screen. But the convenience and discovery don’t stop there. Quoted from its official blog, the company announced a series of updates that will make the home experience more personal for every listener. }

So now we will make the song look like Spotify (Fake Spotify)

How to Make a Song Look Like Spotify (Fake Spotify)

1. Download apps’Story Lab

2. Prepare an image that you want to cover for the song (don’t take it carelessly, let alone use other people’s artwork without their permission) it is recommended that you draw your own or a photo that is safe to use

3. Choose a template that looks like a song, choose a free one (the one that doesn’t have a VIP symbol)

4. Click Edit template

5. Insert your photo

6. Select Filter (optional)

7. Edit text as needed AU

8. Download it

Here’s an example of the result:

How easy? I hope it helps for those of you Au writers who are still confused.


– what’s the name in the appstore?

I don’t know, sis, only if there’s a Social dummy from Menfess, it just seems like you have to buy the app first

Spotify recently rolled out an update to the desktop and web versions of the music streaming app. The update brings a “better look and feel”.

Users can still stream some of their favorite music and podcasts. Furthermore, the user can continue with the last section he left off or discover something new.

A few ways to make songs look like Spotify (Fake Spotify)


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