How to Make a Simple Card for Beginners

How to make a simple card for beginners on cellphone – In this modern era there are many reasons why you finally need a website / blog, but the problem is that many people are without the skills to create a blog. but don’t worry everything will be easier with carrd.

There are many websites out there that offer solutions for easy blogging, but Carrd focuses on blogging (one page) and it’s free. This is the reliability of the carrd

What is Card? Carrd is a web service that lets you create your own blog

Simply put, Carrd is a unique website creation platform specifically aimed at small businesses and individuals who want a clean, aesthetic and functional blog. With this very useful Card, you can promote your profile or create your product page

Even though it looks simple, Carrd comes with various features that make the user comfortable, this makes the card an option

If you need to create a personal profile, portfolio, or product page, then a one-page site is the perfect solution to express yourself. And Carrd is the ideal solution.

This card is free, but if you use full features you can choose to pay for the Pro version.

How Do Cards Work?

Carrd directs you to select and gives you a list of templates to choose from.

The various options available might confuse you, but Carrd categorizes them into several categories to choose from. Each section comes with its own description

How to make a card on a simple cellphone for beginners

Seriously asking.. what is this for?

Oh, how can I explain it, basically, it’s like information about us so that people who want to follow know how we run the account

Here I will explain the tutorial to make a simple card as much as I can. Honestly, I’m not a pro at doing this

-The first step, you have to enter the website

-Then just press ‘choose a starting pointt’

Later you can choose the template you want like.

(Note: With a template, it’s actually easier because it’s already done, so all you have to do is edit the text, links, images, etc.) you can edit it yourself.

How to Make a Simple Card for Beginners


Manual Way:

-It will look like this. Press nothing here yet then press the trash button to delete the text

-Then the result will be like that

Here I will explain the signs that exist.

-Plus (+) for adding elements (Text, image, video, etc.)

Well, in this section, there are such things as containers and controls

-container : holds elements

-control : add page

-Background, its use to color your page.

Okay go on.

-Here I will choose the image option for the background

-Add container

-Change type from default to columns

-Click the brush mark next to

-Well, just scroll down to the bottom

-Change to manual mode with default layout

-Add an image, then click done

-For the display can be set like the pict below

-Then add text

-You can set the type of text (bold, underline, etc.)

-The display can be adjusted like this, I use the Aleo font with the color 4F3939

-Then drag the text over the image

-Click on element icons

-Here I will select icon lock

-Don’t forget to add the url #.home, you can set the html for yourself, here I just give an example

-The result is something like this

-Add control with section break type

– #home

-Add an element container with type columns

-Then put the image into the container

-Add text, here I only use emoji

-Drag each text to the bottom of the image

-Oh yes, don’t forget to give the image a url, yes, here I use #.about and #.loml



-Then add a container with type columns

-Click on the element table

-For the content and style, you can copy the pic below

-Drag the table into the columns

-Just repeat the same thing as above

-The position can be adjusted according to your wishes

-Added more section breaks

– # loml


-You just add an image

-Then the text, you can adjust the style yourself

-After that you can set it yourself

-More or less the result is like this

-Add icon

-I use home type

-Don’t forget the url


-Click the sign on the top right

-Click publish

Then you will be asked to log in. Don’t worry, it’s easy

Wow, thanks for the tutorial, btw, I took a picture of Taehyung carrying yeontan, can I have a picture, bro? thanks hehe

Wkwk ok, I took this from pinterest huh

But what can this card do? like blogs?

It’s kind of like a blog

A few ways to make a simple card for beginners

All of these come in various packages that let you choose which one is right for the features you want to use. Lite, Standard and Plus plans are all available with various features available,

Carrd is a user-friendly service that allows users to easily build single page sites. Carrd is a great option if you want to build pages. However, if you have a website with many pages, you should choose another option. In the end, Carrd is used for fast-paced website creation, even if you don’t have any special skills in creating websites.


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