How to Make a PPKB UI Essay Statement

How to Make a PPKB UI Essay Statement – Previously this was my first article, so I’m really sorry if there are any wrong words/sentences, I’m also sorry if there are abbreviations because it’s enough, I hope it’s easy to understand and useful^^

When writing an essay, students must describe their personality, interests, life values, experiences, and views. You don’t need to be afraid to add humor to your writing so it’s not too stiff. If you have several communities or social or extracurricular activities, please share your activities in those communities and what your active role is.

Also mention course activities or other non-academic activities related to the desired study program, as this shows your interest in the relevant essay. Also write down the reasons for choosing the campus as a place to study.

You can describe the courses you use, the social environment of the campus, the location of the campus, the teachers there, or the history that influenced your choice. You can avoid harsh words in your essay writing. Also, use good grammar to show that you are a college-ready person.

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How to Make a PPKB UI Essay Statement

How to Make a PPKB UI Essay Statement

1. Prepare stationery

Actually, you are free to use any kind of paper, but I suggest lined folio paper. You can give a 1.5 cm distance line for the right and left sides with a pencil so that it can be erased afterward. Write it using a clear black ink pen

2. Before writing, you have to research first

The important thing that you have to find out is about the chosen major and the UI itself.

[ Research UI ]

• What are the things that make you want to study at UI so much?

• understand 9 UI values


– Justice

– Trust

– Dignity

– Responsibility and Accountability

– Togetherness

– Openness

-Academic freedom

-Compliance with the rules

[ Research Jurusan ]

• find out what will you learn later?

• find out what will the department be useful for in the future?

• How do you find out about the major at UI? (accreditation/achievement/etc)

• must know the correct name of the department and which faculty belongs to UI

3. Looking for references

The purpose of looking for references is so that you know how to write and arrange according to the structure/pattern and form of the sentence.

You can search from various sources, including this article. I used to try to search on google but can’t find the right one and twitter doesn’t exist.

Keep watching YouTube, there are lots of video tips, but this one is easy to understand & I think it’s reliable (

4. Time to write neatly

PPKB UI Essay Example


I, the undersigned:
Name : Your Name
Place of birth: Jakarta
School origin: SMA Negeri X Jakarta

I hereby declare that I am participating in the selection process for new student admissions at the University of Indonesia (UI) through the Parallel S1 PPKB with the study program that I have chosen, namely Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA).

The reason I chose Physics study program was because I would do a lot of experiments or practice in addition to the basic theory of Physics that must be mastered. In this case, it is very useful for me in the future because Physics graduates have broad job prospects, namely they can have careers both in academia and in companies.

While at school, I liked the Youth Scientific Group (KTR) extracurricular because by participating in these activities, I could learn about many things related to Physics lessons and technological tools. My experience has been to participate in a Water Rocket competition between KIR SMA / equivalent in 2018 by winning 3rd Place. Besides that, I have also participated in designing the manufacture of Mini Robots at KIR events between high schools.

By liking scientific experiments, I became motivated and spent more time deepening my knowledge of Physics, where I also like to think critically and enthusiastically solve complex problems.

It is an honor and pride for me and my family if I get the opportunity to study at the Physics Study Program, FMIPA UI because it is one of the best Physics study programs in Indonesia. I also want to be like my sister who is studying Chemistry at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UI. I hope my dream can be achieved. Thus, I have made this statement in truth as a material for consideration in participating in the Parallel S1 PPKB selection for the Physics FMIPA study program at UI.

Jakarta, March 3, 2021

*NOTE: Don’t copy and paste raw, it must be edited according to your major

If you are ready to know what to write, you need to pay attention to a few things:

– Make sentences must be effective (no excessive repetition of words)

– Writing department & faculty must be correct

– Writing must comply with EYD/PUEBI rules

– Don’t make typos (even though the scan doesn’t show up, you have to be careful

– Do not abbreviate (unless it is an abbreviation), for example “yang” is written “yang”

– The choice of words must be correct and standard

– It is recommended that the subject use “I” because it is more respectful than “I”


Write the title of STATEMENT LETTER in the middle. Furthermore, a brief biodata contains name, place, date of birth, NISN (optional), and school origin. Continue with the statement that you are following the PPKB route & what major you want to take. You can write in full first which will be abbreviated later.


You can start with the background of the department / UI or directly explain the reasons for choosing the major from the results of the research earlier.

You can also tell yourself and your experiences related to the chosen major.

Content Tips:

As much as possible make sentences that are clear, effective, and attract the attention of the UI. Show your determination and enthusiasm, you really deserve to be accepted and become a new UI student. Of the 9 UI values, it may be enough to make these meaningful implied sentences.


Before closing, write a sentence of your respect and hope to be accepted by UI. Finally, you wrote another statement to join PPKB.

Finally, write down the place and date of making the statement/essay, accompanied by your signature and full name.

5. Scan the correct and straight ppkb essay

You can scan using the Notebloc application, CamScanner, Adobe Scan, etc. As much as possible a full page looks clear and straight.

After that, it can be combined with other scanned files into one pdf, in the order:

1. Initial profile of report card biodata

2. Reports for smt 1-5 that have been legalized (my BK teacher told me to score knowledge & skills)

3. Statement letter

4. Certificate (optional, if you don’t have gpp)

Then submit the file according to the provisions on the website. I used to be “Registration-No-Registration Document”

Next, complete the registration fee, yes, I used to be 850k now it’s 750k. The proof of registration is kept alone because I wasn’t asked to submit it, if you have already paid, there is also a sign.

Finally, you just have to wait and surrender to Allah, the main thing is to pray and worship often. My advice, if it’s complete and all registration closes, don’t open the web.

Just in case, prepare yourself for UTBK, okay, cheer up!!!

I hope you can understand this article, if you need correction help, you can ask the teacher/parent. Try to make it yourself, don’t jockey. Also, remember that if you find a reference that is the same as your chosen major, don’t copy it.

If you still want to ask something, you can comment, it’s open to help you ^^

That’s how to make a PPKB UI Essay Statement.


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